Street Fighter III: FINAL TUNED? Hell yeah

No, this game is not coming out, but I’d like to see people discuss what people think the ultimate revision of Street Fighter III would be.

First off, let’s go with the fanboyish area. STAGES AND MUSIC. If you’ve played the games, suggest which stages and which music should be used.

I personally would go for NG and 2I stages combined with music from every game (perhaps even randomly decide the song before the fight). I’ll compile a list of what eventually.

Then: SYSTEM VERSIONS. Which version of the system would you use, and what changes if any would you make?

I’d stick with the 3rd Strike system itself, including the crouching damage and parrying system, even karas, taunt effects and all.

Finally: CHARACTER CHANGES. Which changes would you make for each character? What version would you use as the base?

For this list, all bases are 3rd Strike unless otherwise stated.

I’d give Ryu two stocks of SA3 and shorten the stocks themselves to around the size of Ken’s SA3, making him quite a bit more violent since now he can do an EX combo after a Denjin and quite possibly set up into another. Of course, Denjin itself was never a damage-dealing super, so if anything make the damage from the super itself now completely irrelevant – the danger’s in the stun.

I’d take Sean from 2I, then lower his stun dealt by a little (keep him a bit crazy) and take out some of the retarded links that let him do insanely long combos. Instead, let him keep his long target combo and let the final hit remain cancellable. Shorten the bar on Hyper Tornado to about the size of Shoryu Cannon and lower the damage a bit, and raise it to 2 stocks. Let him keep his cool DP and make some of his moves decent again like in 2I.

I’d give Akuma just a little bit more defense, like Yun or Yang’s.

I’d give Ibuki a little bit more defense, like Yun or Yang’s. Also, give her the old SA3 from 2I that she used that was actually useful.

I’d make Yun’s Genei Jin bar a little bit longer (Ken’s SA3 length?).

I’d make Yang’s Seiei Enbu bar a little bit longer (Ken’s SA3 length?). I’d let him combo in a c.MK after his divekick. I’d make his SA2 the same size / stocks as Yun’s.

I’d give Remy a normal stun bar and give him a damage bonus for taunting (also, make his taunt a bit faster).

I’d give Alex a little bit more defense and more priority on a number of his pokes. I’d give the jab Flash Chop enough time to link into a jab Powerbomb. Give him a fancy combo and all.

I’d give Necro a wee bit of speed on some of his far-away pokes and a bit more priority in some cases.

I’d leave Ken alone. He’s fine. If anything, scale his damage a little bit harder. MP, DP, LP SRK is violent as fuck for a simple target combo.

I’d leave Makoto alone. She’s fine being the random insane nutball she is.

I’d slow Chun’s standing and back fierce down a little bit or just make the hitbox less stupid. I’d either narrow the window for hitconfirming on Chun’s crouching MK or make it beatable by someone else’s c.MKs. I’d make the bar for SA2 a bit longer. I’d make the bar for SA1 about as short as Ken’s SA3 and give her 2 stocks and lower the damage a little bit (giving her an interesting option other than SA2 to use).

I’m not sure about Urien. He’s not that broken as it is except for his unblockables, which are one of the reasons that he’s decent enough to play. I’d give him his 2I toward medium, though (and let him chain it into his toward fierce punch anyways).

I’d leave Dudley alone.

I’d leave Oro alone (stun king).

I’d give Hugo a bit more defense to start with. Not sure what else, maybe make the first frames of his anti-air grab completely invincible to make it fucking dangerous to jump at him?

I’d make Q’s command grab somewhat faster. I’d make his standard EX dash punch safe on block and give it more range. I’d make his other dash punches a little bit faster. I’d keep his taunting for defense. I’d give him a better anti-air that’d stop Yun’s divekicking.

I’d give Twelve a bit more priority on his moves (so that he isn’t 100% outprioritized by Elena all the time). Maybe make his X.N.D.L. super have 3 stocks.

I’d give Elena a bit more damage. I’m not completely sure what’s wrong with her otherwise.

As for Gill, I’d make a playable version of him with 3 techniques that aren’t shown in the game itself (he’s supposed to have mastered 66 of them, I believe, and Urien mastered one: Aegis Reflector). I’d give Gill priority about equal to Urien on most moves. His “tackle” would knock down but only be about as fast as Urien’s, so his best combo off a crouching fierce would be something like EX headbutt, pyro/cryokinesis, tackle. I’d make his fireballs all hit one time unless EX’d.

Finally: WISHLIST. What character would you add from another series?

Perhaps a mature version of Sakura? Hah.

And Gouken. Hell yes, Gouken. Denjin Shinshoryuken and all. Fucking EGM.

The Scorpion from Slam Masters.

And give Q an air throw. :tup:


Take 3rd Strike system and characters, do absolutely nothing to any of it, add NG/2I style backgrounds, hit sparks, and post match commentaries (with the 2 characters on the screen deal).

Bring back Zangeif!!!

wow if only it would really happen but be sf4, but it never will and even if it does it will suck as usa cap is now in control of it.
They might as well make SF: The movie Championsip Edition… what about shen long, and def. bring back sagat.

it sounds like you want to improve most of the characters except oro and dudley. why not improve them? if you improve everyone else, but not them…they’ll just get left behind. they arent top tier as it is.

3S doesnt really need a final tuned, if anything its what marvel needs.

Dudley seems fairly good as it is, and I know too little about Oro to comment, which is why I didn’t say anything on either.

Also, Beto, go suck a dick and get the fuck outta my thread. :tup:

I’d get rid of Chun.

Oro gets a forward throw and average stamina. That is all.

dudley is def good as he is. maybe give him more throw range as his is super gay.
Makoto’s kara kusa could be trimmed down some maybe. way to much priority and range.

Oro needs alot of work, He was great back in SF3. I play as Oro or Akuma depends on how I feel. (Oro, gotta play alot of D with him otherwise he gets punked) (Akuma is a mix between D and O, you baiscally wait for them to mess up)

I fully endorse this 100%. :tup:

I say reduce the number of links to some of Ken’s combos and lengthen Yun’s Genei jin bar but make it drain faster to about the same time as it goes out now.

Makoto and Dudley equal the best stand up all around non broken characters in the game. I don’t see how changing them could not either ruin them or make the top tier broken.

That says it all.

Really. It does.

the man says it all.

you people are just as bad as the mvc3 fanatics. Being premium doesnt protect you against dumbass threads.

Kill the all Shotos (maybe leave one), leave Chun-Li. Bring back all Three and 2i stages+ music (incl. Elena’s).

If this game were to be released for X-box-- have the Live component give you the option for custom games based on system direction, including being able to turn on all Super Arts instead of just one. Also, have non-ranked games.

give sean all his moves back from second impact, then for twelve give him air dash as fast as magneto in mvc2 and more combo opitions then more power. and take elena out and add cody from alpha 3 and give him his v ism chit, he will show yun who invented the genei jin. plus cody versus alex, and cody versus ryu or ken is something ive been looking forward to.