Street Fighter III: Fourth Strike BETA

Beta version of the ‘Rebalanced’ Third Strike.

[media=youtube]BmOjyB5j0jc]YouTube - Street Fighter III: 4th Strike BETA [Part 1[/media]

[media=youtube]3vs8ateOoX8]YouTube - Street Fighter III: 4th Strike BETA [Part 2[/media]

Interesting new properties for Necro SA2 and Remy SA3…
Mugen inside?

air fireball/SA2 spamming oro ?
Ryu-like Chun ??
Ex Gouki ???
Tengu Urien ???
genei Twelve ???

0 . 0


That’s a take on something different…
definitly interesting for a beta.

You look consious of some character’s specific issues ( e.g you have to know oro to give him a directional throw), but not much can be said as long as it’s not played since you really seem to mess with everything (and I think it’s the only reasonable thing to do if you decide to temper with the game in the first place).

Looks like the arcade build moded, not mugen, right ?
(why then bother reintroducing DC pals !! ?)

While I love the game as it is and am used to take it with it’s flaws every day, I find this really exciting !

keep working on it !


nice job! 3S is perfect enough for me anyways, but I would love to give this a try!

Eh,to be honest you’ve just given the characters loads of SF4 combos with no damage scaling.For example comboing into Alexs Hyper bomb for like 65% damage.Alex doesn’t need to be able to deflect projectiles anyway.Are these serious fixes to characters or are you just messing around?Because some of those are completely ridiculous,like those wacky Akuma supers.

A good place to start fixing stuff is to just reduce the damage on Chun’s SAII.Then work on the characters that need to be brought up to the top tier level and leave the top tier alone.I like the fact you gave more combos to 12 and his fly/air pressure seems more of a threat.I also liked the fact that you brought back seans DP from 2i but the DP juggling just seems like a lame attempt at making him into KEN.I don’t think you should be editing supers though,as I said it just makes the game look a bit wacky and “mugen” like.

Changing the values and properties and giving the odd new thing to low tier characters seems to be the best way to balance this game.It’s good to know that changes can be made like this though,this type of stuff is always interesting.

Whatever happens I don’t know if a changed version of 3s will ever feel right.We’ve all fallen in love with this game and accepted it’s flaws.I don’t think I’d ever be able to accept a changed version even if it is for the best.

Yees…the sean pawa

i was expecting something really tacky (like these things usually are) but you have done quite a clever job.
i would not exactly call it rebalanced though, more like re-imbalanced.

i think health values should be reworked in your version.
maybe starting with doubling everybodies.

Agree with Cheech Wizard, all new supers look like ripped right off of Mugen. I do appreciate your effort and I by no means want you to stop but I think you should review your parameters. It seems like you are trying to turn everyone into Urien.

Akuma doesn’t need EX moves, he is fine as is.

I like what you did with Ibuki but does she need MORE target combos?

Give Sean his 2I’s normals and Dragon Smash back, make Sean Tornado safe on block and on hit and make SA3 two stocks. That is all he needs.

You are breaking Urien the wrong way. The right way to make him God tier is adding a third Aegis stock and making the second hit of the EX Tackle a launcher. (read: Urien needs no changes)

I think Ryu is perfect as he is, the only thing I would mess with is giving him two Denjin stocks but that is possibly too much, even if you make the bar longer.

Q needs to be a little faster and have a bit less recovery frames, that is all.

Chun Li doesn’t need combos, she needs to have only one bar for SA2.

Yun doesn’t need more juggles. I think extending SA3’s bar but making it deplete as fast as before is all balancing necessary to him.

I would only reduce Ken’s Shoryuken damage a bit.

Now my man Twelve. A little more damage, defense and priority is enough to give him a GIGANTIC boost. Why does he have Yang’s SA3? That isn’t right. I don’t get what is with the EX IADs. AXE being cancelable on any hit I agree, do it for air AXE too but remove the vaccum feature. Also, SA2 should stay the same except for dealing the same damage to airborne foes. NDL comboing off a close Medium Punch seems interesting, I like. SA1 looks weird :s it seems it is doing a lot more damage. Be careful with it, we don’t want it being cancelled out of an AXE’s 5th hit for like 50% damage. If the only change to it is extending its hitbox up just enough so that UOH’s don’t avoid it cleanly (fuck that, seriously) I will not complain. I will love if you give him a crouching LK, standing MK target combo.

this is very interesting, i did some similar work on the pc version of sf4 with “sf4 remix”, i would love to see how you did this. I assume you are hex editing the ROM, but i would love to see any notes you might have on how you went about this.

Good fucking shit, I like what I’m seeing. How far are you from releasing a public version? I would love to run this as a side tournament.

Great shit dude. I would agree with the other comments here in that some shit does look really broken and needs damage scaling. 12 does not need a V-ism super, when he uses his Mimic super he all ready does double damage, V-ism on top of that would make that pretty broken. Akuma doesn’t need any EX moves or that SF4 air hadouken nonesense. Though, I like his new Hurricane Kick super.

Quick question: Does ‘any’ super go through Ryu’s Denjin? I didn’t notice much of a change with the new Denjin, the Denjin doesn’t need to be improved. I like what you did with Ryu’s other supers.

Was Yun’s V-ism nerfed? I didn’t notice any changes with it.

Urien doesn’t need many changes, he doesn’t need two shoulder tackles in a row, nor does he need Gill’s Clothesline, though I like the Tyrant slaughter change (NEEDS damage scaling bad) and the change for his projectile super. The homing orbs thing I didn’t like at all, give him back his Aegis.

Are the Chun Li changes a joke dude? I like the changes to her other supers, but she doesn’t need ANYTHING changed. She’s all ready god-tier, she doesn’t need anything else. In fact her normals need to have their priority nerfed, and then she’d be pretty balanced.

Q has a very long meter for that Nuclear super.

Makato looks even more broken, if you’re going that direction you should nerf the damage and stun she does.

Agree with the previous psoter about Ibuki.

Everything else I like. The key phrase here is Damage Scaling that is desperately needed. But I like where you’re going with this. If we’re lucky maybe Ponder/Damdai can add the rom when your done.

One idea: Is it possible to nerf Gill to make him playable?

Another suggestion: Make Alex’s Dive safe.

This looks so ridiculous and a horrible mix of SF4 and KoF…that it kinda looks fun.

jesus stop whining people. what kind of miserable fuck do you have to be to look at a thing like this and go “mmm well it doesnt look very balanced”

this man is right

ssf4 is more “balanced” than 3s, do you like ssf4 more? I didn’t fucking think so.
balance does not make a good game

are you guys serious?
can you not see the potential? hes done the impossible !

rebalancing 3s right now, single handedly will be like rebalancing street fighter 4:vanilla !
is there much point? besides video is clearly displaying the scope of the whole thing

hes decrypted a mere rom file and customised it to such an extent, its mind blowing.
it wasnt a pc game, with neatly foldered system files !

think about it.

no you misunderstand we are pretty happy with what he has done

this looks fucking sweet

This seems like some pretty interesting shit right here…hopefully it will be playable in Mame or Finalburn, and not a dc emulator…never could get THAT bullshit to work.

Very interesting. Great to know that 3s can be edited, and I hope other games could get a follow as well. What was the method used to edit all of this?

But I gotta say, some changes do seem odd, I personally wouldn’t edit any super [Remy’s SA3 can be an exception though]. People are used to play like this for years and it would just make people not wanting to play your game. I’d say that changing frames/damage/hitboxes/properties is more than enough in this matter

As for the other aspects, I agree with CheechWizard, Tweak a thing or two in the S tier [Longer GJ meter, maybe less active frames on Chun’s damage or slower super etc]and buff the lower ones [Again, frames/damage/hitbox/properties/EX maybe]. Urien is pretty damn good already, and Aegis reflector should stay. SA2 change looks quite interesting but most of its setups require the pretty damn strong tackle which imo shouldn’t be changed as well

Also agree with the rest about the damage scale

But still, great job