STreet Fighter III Group

Here’s a pic I did of all the new challengers of Sf3, including Hugo and Urien. I enjoy Crit and Comments.

this reminds me of the weird painting on the wall of this tommys red hots I go to…kinda scary

Necro looks like Quan Chi from MK. :lol:

I definitely like the effort and all. Not something I’d put on my wall necessarily but I like it.

cool pic. welcome to SRK fanart :slight_smile:

funnily enough, I think I know what you mean – even though I have no idea which place you’re talking about.
There’s something about the pic that reminds me of wall murals that I’ve seen before.

Thanks, and now that I think about it, it sorta looks like a wall mural.

next time I go to tommys Ill take a pic of the wall mural and post it