Street Fighter III Ryu



Any strategies to beat Gill?
He is so cheap. Any tricks in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. Thankyou so very much.


I dunno about getting the game in any other format… anyway, this is NOT something that should be posted in here. Go to General Discussion and ask this there.


ermmm I just “discovered it” today, it’s just I didn’t know it… you can chain the far standing Fierce into roundhouse…


After you knock Gill down just do a standing strong when he gets up, then a shoryuken right after it(don’t cancel it). Works like a charm.


to defeat gill, i find it takes some luck

SA2 works the best IMO, i find that u can just jump at gill with Fp and then s.fp, RH hurricane kick

then jsut repeat j.fp and combo him, for some reason he just stands there and gets hit by the j.fp (even on highest difficulty)

when u get a full super, just dash over him if u manage to ground him and activate it a second after he is fully up, he’ll get hit by it since he always gets stands up poking

i hope this helps u out with gill :smiley:


Jump in on his ass and parry all of his fireballs. You would wanna parry that knee attack and hit him a shoryuken, or wait a bit after you parry and cancel the shoryuken into a super. Gill is pretty hard for me to beat. :mad:


yeah i’ve lost count of the amount of times that I keep getting up to gill…and losing :frowning:


I rarely lose in the game. Gill is pretty powerful so you can’t let your guard down or else your out! :slight_smile:


If you don’t know how to parry don’t do jump in, grabbing him is effective.


i dont know about grabbing gill, IMO he tech hits 90 percent of the time i try to throw him

the only thing i think works on gill is to jump in and hope u land a meaty combo, poking of course wont work since gill has too much priority

if u do get frustrated with ryu, pick yun on SAI

i just beat him yesterday on 6 stars by just doing full screen lunge punches, or jab once up close if he misses a poke.

beat him just like that, lunge puch, if miss just jump back and repeat, i found out the lunge punch hits him most of the time since he throws out a lot of normal moves

anyways hopes this helps u out beating gill


Gill is hella easy. He used to be hard when I was averaging C++ and shit, But now I can beat the game on its hardest lvl without continuing and with blocking turned off. I average SS+ and higher now.

But dude Gill is easier than u think. If he Resurects be close and MK or HK hurricane kick. He’'ll get 10% of his life back. Dont block what u can parry, Gill is VERY predictable.

U wont fight Gill in the Arcades so, unless u have scrubby friends who play him at home, knowing how to beat him is useless.

If u r tryin to get the extra shit in 3S just put the damage up the rounds to 1 and difficulty to 1 then ur set.


if blocking is turned off, can the cpu block?


Grabbing him with Akuma is effective, well the dragon kick grab.


No the CPU CANNOT block.



Gill gets his ass kicked by me. :smiley:


OMG! I come in here hoping for some l33t RyU strats. But all I see are how to beat gill strats, lol. You should change the title to “How to beat gill”.


the safest way is to turtle w/ Gill…
move back, whenever he jumps, do a s.Roundhouse… whenever he do kneedrop, parry x2 then hit him w/ a s.Roundhouse or SA… if u have SA3, after parry x2, do a jap Shoryuken xx SA3 (charge)
if Gill walks towards u, do a s.Roundhouse to force him in distance (sometimes he’ll parry it but if u s.Roundhouse him early then he won’t be able to hit u hard after his parrying)
if Gill dash punch u, block it, then throw him backward (just to keep distance)
when Gill resurrect, dash close to him and do a s.Roundhouse…

the turtle method works w/ most of the characters… expect those w/ no good anti-air normal moves…

alternate method:
do whatever u can to bring Gill to ground, dash close to him, whenever he get up, do a s.Strong (Gill will most likely blocks it), now do a Jap Shoryuken (don’t cancel the s.Strong into the Jap Shoryuken)… Jap Shoryuken will most likely get him, if not, u are fucked…


Parry his knee attack and hit him with a Dragon Punch. :slight_smile:


I do a jump in fierce kick and either a roundhouse sweep right after it or a shinku hadoken/shin shoryuken…Hes noot that hard after you get the hang of that


jumping in for a kick is a good idea when Gill is first get up… if u do it to early, ur kick will miss… if u do it too late then Gill will either block or kick ur ass… but there’s a very very little time window for u to land the kick (as in the very second he just got up)… this is like a bug for the computer AI… only Gill’s attacks are faster than any other characters, so it’s harder for the j.Roundhouse to land (need to be more precise w/ the timing)…