Street Fighter III: Third Strike ~Clan~

My friend is thinking of starting a clan of elite SFIII:3S players that are comprised of different characters (eg. no 2 of the same character, like 2 Kens).
The clan would go into and possibly organise competitions if possible as well as train with each other if possible. He is looking for good players who are interested in forming a SFIII:3S clan.

Please post here or PM myself if interested.

Clan Name:** 5TREET PWN4GE F1GHTER5 2008

**Clan Members: **
Roshihikari - Primary Character: Yang
DevilJin 01 (?)
Wantonx - Primary Character: Makoto
HarmoNaz - Primary Character: Akuma
Daigo Jr - Primary Character: Ken
drobizh - Primary Character: Sean (Pink)
Spinning Beat - Primary Character: Alex

Clan Website:

Clan Forum:

Why don’t you get your friends RX and Kokujin to join?


Why the hell would good players want to train with you?

this guy is begging for a ban

One of those SRK scubs.

Ok, ‘Us’ scrubs need to stick together so I’m going to try and help you.

Stop making threads… It’s not that they’re stupid, But you’ve made more than one stupid one… I think one is Enough…

Thanks for the ‘heads up’, but my friend is seriously considering starting a clan. I just thought some people might be interested here.

Ok, I’ll join, But only because I’m a scrub… and you sent an invitation…
… If there’s some sort of list of members in this clan… Don’t put my name in it… Lol.

Ok, Daigo Jr, my friend will communicate with you through PM at first. He is probably going to start a clan forum or something, maybe a Chat channel or even website.

Who else is interested?

Currently joined:

DevilJin 01 (?)

I said not to show my name!!!
Ok seriously, I’m not really going to be able to do anything with this, I have school and… stuff…

EDIT: I pitty others too much…:shake:

Don’t worry, even with school and stuff, you can still have no problem.
It’s all good. Things like clan name will be decided soon.
Anyway, I didn’t think that was counted as ‘showing your name’…

This is the funniest thread I have seen.

lol IM IN

Sign me up.

On second thought…I’m too busy never mind.

Ok. You are in.

lol. Man Roshihikari don’t you get people are LAUGHING at you? stop posting.

lol Laughing at me?
Laughint about what?

lol, please don’t use that username.

This some ol’ booshit.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s wrong with some SFIII:3S maniac trying to start a clan. Just leaf the space for the people who want to have a chance to belong to a clan.