Street Fighter III Third Strike HD Remix?

Street Fighter III Third Strike HD Remix?

Just wondering what ya’ll think… Should Capcom make it?
I think it could be verry nice on PS3 and X-box 360 and I am really curious what the rest of ya’ll think about it.

Not gonna happen barring a miracle. It’s got much more animation vs. ST and 25% more characters. With STHD already overbudget, behind schedule, and pushing Live storage limits, coupled with the fact that SF3 is much less popular… you can see where I’m going with this.

It would take over a year to do all the sprites. They might as well make an entirely new Street Fighter.

Too many sprites to redo. However, there is a way that this project could be done. I don’t know how Capcom created the animation for Street Fighter 3, but I assume that they drew the keyframes and inbetweens before they were scanned and redrawn as sprites. If that’s the case, and Capcom still has those original drawings, then Third Strike: HD Remix could be a reality by rescanning those drawings in a higher resolution. You don’t have to worry about redrawing every frame, and you can color each sprite with a PC.

The download limit would still prevent this from being a downloadable title, so the only options would be to release this in a HD:Remix compilation disc or wait until the next-generation where downloadable titles will have higher download limits.

If STHD does well, I bet we’ll see more HD redone Capcom games in the future we know how Capcom loves milking old stuff dry. I’d rather see a SF3 HD or no HD collection just like Alpha games collection. Hyper SF3 anyone :slight_smile:

The thing is, redrawing every piece of 2d artwork from an old game isn’t “milking”, it’s creating a whole new game.

Development costs are quite different between those two.

It already looks good enough.:nunchuck:

agreed…somethings dont need changing

3s is one of em. the music, the look, its just too good


Next question.

Agreed too

I need a Final Fight HD remix

3s will look good 20 years from now.

darkstalkers hd or sfa3 hd imo would be good choices

I think they should split it. Since SFIV is going Cel, they should give SFIII one more installment.

Alot of people like the parry system and what not with the game, and promises characters.

SFIV = No Ibuki = Sad Syntax:shake: (Well I don’t know for sure, but between SFII and SFIII I don’t see alot of space for her to just “show up” but if Sakura came back, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).

But as people have said, SFIII HD isn’t gonna happen. SFIII: Ryu kills Gill is more likely.

And then Kill Gill Vol 2. Which will have more of an old western feel to it.

Next game to recreate in HD should be Vampire, but put every character in.

That. It looks fucking amazing.

They could have done that for SF2 as well, but opted not to for whatever reason.

i’m glad they didnt. super turbo and 3s should stay different

If they did make it, it would be for ps2 since the ps3 is way under sells right now.

I always thought it would be pretty cool if Capcom released another revision of Street Fighter III. Like to balance the game a little more (enough with Chun’s ultra powerful attack) and could possibly add a new character or two.

It would be called Street Fighter III: Ultimate Strike!