Street Fighter III Third Strike PS2 , switch resolutions like DC ver?

hi scene , does it have an option to Switch screen resolutions like the Dreamcast ver ?

if not can you hex edit it to 240p or similar like Mushihimesama , Ibara , Hokuto no Ken - Fist of the North Star , Shikigami no Shiro 2 , Raiden 3 …etc

any info is sweet


You can adjust Screen Percentage size, X/Y alignment and have the gfx Filter On or Off.

I believe in the Dreamcast version of the game the Filter is OFF, whereas in the PS2 version it is automatically turned ON by default. So…the Filter option is there, if that answers your question.

hiya Strider2k2 , im looking for De-interlace mode the mode you mentioned is most likely anti-aliasing off. I read over at Shmups Forums that the PS2 ver only supports interlaced mode bummer.

thanx for the tips , and to all possible pending posts


Which version is better? I heard the PS2 version is arcade perfect and for the DC version, i heard Urien’s combos are not all there.

dc version doesnt have unblockables. i HEARD that the anniversary edition is NOT perfect and has lag? but i dont know. i use the japanese ps2 version.

PS2 version isn’t arcade perfect but it’s about as close as you’re going to get for a Capcom home port. The following thread doesn’t have all the info but it’s a start.

Anyway, I’m quite sure that the filter in the PS2 version is a toggle for bilinear filtering. In emulators, enabling that option has what appears to be the same effect as on PS2.

whats the difference between the us and japan version?:wonder:

A friend of mine said that the US SF3 is slightly faster than JPN SF3

The NA version as part of SFAC also has replay glitches, where it rarely plays back properly. The characters often just stand there or do the wrong things. Can I get some further confirmation regarding a speed difference? I only have SFAC and any gameplay changes at all are news to me.

I have the Import version and the SFAC version of 3s. Sometimes the characters walk backwards for no fucking reason on the SFAC version, I have to unplug my controller and plug it back in for it to be any good.

Somethings were toned down.

I noticed Dudley’s ssb (qcb k) does less damage in SFAC than arcade

Yang does much less stun

and overall, damage scaled down, I believe.

Thanks but I know about arcade to console differences. I was referring to differences between NA 3S (SFAC) and the JP version.