Street Fighter III Tournament in Connecticut

Hello All

F.Y.E. Games is hosting a Street Fighter III Third Strike tournament, on Saturday July 28th, 2007.

It is located at F.Y.E. Games in the Brass Mill Mall Waterbury, Connecticut.

It will be on Playstation 2, and it’s bring your own controller, there will be arcade sticks and game pads available, but feel free to bring your own.

The entry fee is $5.00 with the prizes being distributed from the total of all the entry fees (the more that show up the greater the prize money). We’re taking registration now, but you can sign up anytime between now and the day of the tournament. Entry fees must be paid by Saturday but you can always sign up and pay on Saturday.

It will be double elimination.

It starts at 12:00 p.m. we will getting fully underway at 1:00 p.m.

Also for our Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament we were able to record matches and players which was in turn used to make a DVD that is available for sale. We are planning on doing the same for this tournament.

Any questions can be sent to

Hope to see you there!


are u guys still doing this?

I hope so, I want to win some fye tokens

Yes the tournament is still being held, we have a decent turn out right now but we’re hoping to get more, so if you know anyone who plays give them the heads up

I am winning this so free :lovin: gonna bathe in fye tokens

it’s too bad this is on this particular weekend, i’ll be in San Diego for EVO West. Walter will take this free b/c I won’t be here; I might have actually given him a fight.

I’ll play your previous a3 champ for money. :wgrin:

the waltercaust, dont hurt em too bad


I’m so excited for this I get to win a tournament YAY!!!

hopefully thats the case ; )

Urien agrees =]

cool a 3S tourney. guess i will go and play.think i will do really good

both of us can bathe in fye tokens

josh is the true champ

I heard its supposed to rain fri. sat. and sun this week = (

What’s the address, I’m having trouble mapquesting the mall, since I get like 50 pages of results.

Edit: The town of Waterbury is only two hours away but it’s on the same day as a small w2z tournament that’s a 15 minute drive, I’m trying to decide which one to go to >_<

Edit: Actually looks like I’m going to neither :frowning:

They still have mvc2 at FYE, or a cvs2 machine at FYE? I was hoping there’d be some casual matches going on the side.

:lovin::lovin:The Legend is back!?:lovin::lovin:

Jamie come back!!! COME BACK!!! COME BACK!!!

Run dis on some mvc1! I want to see fools heads mashed in!:rofl:

i love how shit like this happens whenever im not in ct…sigh