Street Fighter III

Street Fighter III

I thought I’d write a script for a ‘dream’ anime of Street Fighter III. I’ve never written something like this so…bear with me if it gets confusing or too detailed. I just thought I’d contribute…

[Scene: Wrestling match taking place in a shady arena]

Ring Announcer: Oh man! Did you just see that!? Hugo just slammed all three of his opponents to the ground with a single clothesline! This IS a handicap match, but who’s got the handicap!?

Poison: [grabs microphone from announcer] There’s nobody who can stand up against Hugo! If anyone wants to try their luck, step up right now!

[crowd draws silent]

Poison: C’mon you losers! There’s gotta be someone out there who thinks they have what it takes!

[crowd still silent]

Poison: Alright then! If you won’t come to Hugo…[pans to Hugo] then Hugo will have to pick one of ya!

[crowd uneasily shuffles]

Hugo: [silent and stares for a moment then points at a man in a red headband]

Poison: [Poison glances to where Hugo’s pointing]
Is that who you want to fight!?
[Poison runs towards man with red headband and looks him over]
Oh my Hugo! You’ve got great taste! C’mon loser! Your next!
[grabs Ryu and tries to drag him. Ryu stands still and Poison is basically trying her hardest to pull him]
C’mon jerk! You scared!?

Hugo: [in a booming voice that doesn’t need a mic to be heard] YOU…[does the Rock’s “Just bring it!” hand gesture]

Ryu: [drops napsack and pushes Poison out of the way. Walks slowly towards the ring]

Poison: JERK! [winces at Ryu then throws mic at the announcer]

Announcer: Okay folks! Now that yours truly has the mic back…


Announcer: [scared and shrinks away]

[Ryu enters ring and tightens his headband and gi. Hugo stands tall and silent. Crowd roars and cheers]

Hugo: ARGH! [Hugo does a running clothesline but Ryu ducks it and tries to leg sweep him. Ryu’s leg hits Hugo’s but Hugo doesn’t flinch a muscle. Hugo looks at him and grins then grabs Ryu’s head with one hand and lifts him in the air]

Hugo: [chuckling] THAT WON’T WORK! ARGH! [throws Ryu into the turnbuckle]

Ryu: “Guh!” [Ryu tries to regain his composure]

Hugo: [laughing while running towards Ryu] C’MON! [tries to shoulder ram Ryu in the corner but Ryu rolls out of the way and Hugo smashes into the turnbuckle, bending it] AGH!

Ryu: [still on one knee, recovering from his roll] SHORYUKEN! [uppercuts Hugo in the back]

Hugo: [turns around slowly then grins] AHH… [walks towards Ryu slowly, Ryu backing up] THAT…WON’T…WO[before Hugo can finish]

Ryu: TATSUMAKI! (spelling?) [first 2 spins connect but on the third Hugo grabs ahold of Ryu’s leg. Ryu looks surprised]

Hugo: …WORK! [ragdolls Ryu above his head and smashes him into the mat]

Ryu: [seething in pain. Thinks to himself “Damn it…doesn’t he feel pain!?” Stands up in a broken stance and recollects himself. Crowd cheers wildly for them both]

Hugo: TIME TO END THIS! [grins and walks towards Ryu’s crumpling stature. Hugo extends both arms and prepares to Giga Break Ryu] TIME TO BREAK!

Ryu: [glares up at Hugo and positions his leg] Hmmph! [crouches and prepares to attack] SHIN! [punches Hugo in the stomach, Hugo leans over a bit] SHO! [connects with his other hand to punch Hugo in the kidney] RYU-KEEEEEN! [Ryu leaping uppercuts Hugo]

[crowd silent]

Ryu: [panting heavily, landing back on the ground. Hugo still stands there, face looking upwards towards the ceiling now since Ryu’s punch forced his face upwards]

Hugo: [slowly moves his head downward to stare at Ryu, his eyes covered in shadow. All of a sudden you see a glint show in his eye then a grin] BREAK! [Hugo, arms still extended, does a tremendous clap on Ryu’s frame]

Ryu: OOF! [Ryu gets squished between Hugo’s mighty clap and falls downward]

Hugo: [standing over Ryu’s beaten body for a moment then] GAH! [does his victory pose where he throws one hand up in the air. Crowd goes insane. Poison cheers]

End…for now. If you didn’t care for it, I apologize. If you did, I’ll be happy to make up some more shi’. LoL. Yeah…

that was awesome :smiley: moreeeee Hugo ftw