Street Fighter in Beijing?


Ill be in Beijing a bit this summer and would love some ST and 3S comp. There hasn’t been a pot about that arcade for a while…is it still around? Anyone been there lately?

I was in Beijing 3 years ago and all I could find was a taito station in wafujin. Good hyper fighting comp there though…

Someone let me know the state of the arcade scene there if you know…also, detailed directions would be sweet too!

thanks so much,


Here’s an update:

I randomly decided to go back to the arcade that people played 3rd Strike at. When I arrived, I found that they totally redid the fighting game section. They now have:

  • Street Fighter 4
  • TvC (x2)
  • Blaze Blue
  • KoF 12 (x2)
  • Tekken 6

All on HD head to head cabs. All of them are 2rmb a game, which is about 30 cents per play.

PM me if you want my number. We can hook up and get some games on.


I just updated the first post based on my new findings.


Shuang Jing now has 3 pairs of head to head SF4 cabs.


Hi I’m going to Beijing for a year to study. Exactly at Cin Hua University.

Nowadays I really like playing Street Fighter IV (at a decent level, +/- 18000 GP) with not too much playing time. Lately I’m also playing KOFXII.

I was wondering if you’re still in Beijing in the time when I’m staying. I leave around oct/nov 2009. maybe you could show me to the arcades one day.

p.s. I’m still a gamepad player, but I’ve just started to practice with arcade sticks. :china:


Yup, I’ll be here. Do you mean Qinghua University (Haidian District)? That’s really close to where I live.

Also, if you can find room, pack a pad or a stick (usb). Although my PC doesn’t run SF4 all that great, it’s something when there’s no time to get to the arcade. It’s about 45 mins to the awesome arcade from the side of town I think you’ll be on.


Heading to Beijing this weekend. I did find an arcade in Suzhou last weekend during our down time/shopping time, so maybe I’ll have time to get to a Beijing arcade while I’m there. I’ll find out my schedule and keep this updated.


Definitely keep me in the loop. There is a tourney at Xidan this Saturday. I’ll also probably be at Shuangjing practicing on Friday afternoon/night.


I was in Beijing from Friday to Sunday and I had nights free. Jason showed me an awesome time and I feel like I got a decent feel of Beijing given that I was there for a weekend. We played a couple hours of games at Shuangjing and we went to a bar after and had a good time. People, if you ever go to Beijing, hit this man up.

Thanks a lot for the trip man. For the record, my friends thought that I had gotten raped when they found out that I went to a bar with some dude I met online, haha. ;p


Are there MAdcatz sticks in Beijing? Then I don’t have to take my SE Stick with me. Is it cheaper there? I think if there are sticks they will be highly customized. I’m going around okt/nov. How can I contact you by then?


I don’t doubt that there are Madcatz sticks in Beijing. I saw a XBox 360 SE stick in a large electronics shopping center in Hangzhou, but it was freaking expensive as hell. 950 RMB (around $150, the price of a TE stick) and I tried to haggle them down to 350 RMB, but they refused to make a deal with me at all. Madcatz sticks will obviously be more expensive because they’re an American product and might be imported. They will point out that they’re “Hori” parts which are “the best parts because they’re Japanese” and that it’s Capcom branded.

I recommend you find a Chinese builder and get a customized full Sanwa stick for cheap. The shipping will be much cheaper than the people in the US and other countries buying the same things.


Glad you had fun Win. Try to make it back up before you ship off!

I personally haven’t seen them, but last time I looked was when sticks were still really rare everywhere. I couldn’t even find a Hori RAP2/3 for less than 1500rmb then, which is pretty insane. I’m pretty sure there is more/cheaper availability now.

Plus, like Win said, there are Chinese builders who do full Sanwa sticks on the cheap.

Just PM when you’re coming to town. I’ll PM you my contact info.


I’m going to be arriving in Beijing in a few days, also to study, I’ll be at Beida which is also in Haidian! Glad to hear theres a few arcades around!


Wow, SRK invasion this year lol. We da best.


i will be in beijing for about two weeks in october ^^ it would be cool to meet up with some of the srk people ^^


Yeah that would be pretty nice! I look forward sending a whole day in the arcades XDXD. 20 cents a game wasn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’ll just bring my own stick. Unfortunately it’s only for the PS3, also compatible on PC.


Just let me know when you guys are getting into town exactly. I’m pretty much at the arcade for most of the day every Saturday.

Unfortunately, my classes are too demanding to go that far out more than once a week. It turns out Chinese is kind of hard! :wink:


lol sorry about this i need more posts to send a pm >_<


last one >_<


Hey guys, just landed in Beijing and was wondering if any of you knew of any arcades at all in Beijing packing CvS2. I’m all for playing lots of SF4 while I’m here, but I’ve been in serious withdrawal without some corpse hopping, P2 crossovers, CCs, JDs and all that jazz.

I’m staying over in Wudaokou at the moment, studying at BLCU, and maybe work, we’ll see how it goes :S Otherwise probably be here for another 6 months before heading back to Korea. I’m seriously regretting my decision to not bring my PS+stick over -_-

I’ll probably try to head over this weekend to Xidan if anyone’s interested. I’m by no means pro, but SFIV isn’t exactly stellar difficult to pick up either. Let me know!