Street Fighter In Berkeley

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ONIKAGE: wassup homie ??? Damn its been too long since I came to play with you…So glad you have went “private” yet. LOL !!! I will be by LAX TACTICS on monday…Call me later…Holla.

-D R B

Sounds good B, be good to battle you and Lax again.

Sup Onikage! Berkeley is right around my area… so I’m down to join you guys and get some ST on! I’ll prolly get straight STOMPED in marvel, but ya gotta get good comp to get better, right?

This is gonna be dope. Right on for hosting, man.

Glad to have you along man, nice to have more people playing ST.

:lol: that sounds :cool:. when I’m free on a monday I’ll give you a call. :bgrin:

project ‘j’ you know uncle will be by to play some marvelous marvel madness

Thaaaas whassup Uncle!! See you Monday!

Hey Onikage, do you want to play some MVC2 today? I live in San Leandro so let me know by 4:30 if you can.

Today’s no good, I’ve got a BBQ in Tilden tonight. I am down to play sometime soon though since I work in Oakland. Easy trip to SL from there. Keep in touch.

Sure, no problem. Later!

ONIKAGE’S HOUSE = “Where EVERYONE is Welcome…”


 -D R B

Josh: I will be performing at THE SOURCE MAGAZINE HIP-HOP TOUR


B, please edit the comment. No snarkiness is allowed in my thread =(

Congrats on the performance, I’m sure you’ll do well. ARE YOU EVER GOING TO GIVE ME ENOUGH ADVANCE NOTICE TO CHECK OUT A SHOW???

I Don’t think I can make it today. Hopefully next Monday, or this weekend if your available. Let me know.

me wanna play cvs

forgot all about this =/

Lyle i heard from nima you guys are getting into cvs2. Lemme know when you guys are gonna be at the rec room again and I’ll try and make it. Nima has my number. Oh and I might clear out my garage and occasionally start holding some gatherings soon. So maybe you guys can drop by here sometimes.

Can I join in for next Monday, with a few friends?

Good shit hanging out Onikage! Thanks for being a great host and for spitting all that knowledge. GGs in ST! We’ll do it again next time.

PS The trip up the hill to your house is a gorgeous ride.

Ill try to make it out there when I get back in town man. Wouldnt mind some ST/CvS2 comps.