Street Fighter In Berkeley

Yos: Absolutely!! It’d be great to have you folks come through. Let me know for sure if you’ll be coming through and I’ll PM you my address / phone number.

Thrust - GGs!!! Sorry if I didn’t shut up, I tend to go on pretty long rants once I get going. There’s always something else to consider in SF!

Rock Lee - don’t forget about next week!

GGs to Thrust, RedFlux, and draajen. Turnout wasn’t great but there’s always next week, and I expect them to get better once they get going. Same time next week, keep the thread alive in the meantime. Make me have to pick up another TV!

No CvS2 last night, but the marvel and ST was too fun. Thrust has a NICE Boxer, and Flux was Team Scrub-ing it up. Way too much fun.

answer your phone! I’m in SF one more night!

aaron: ya i’ve been playing for a couple weeks now cuz 3s has NO comp in east bay. getting into marvel, too. go to rec room on thursday.

Oh shit G! That phone’s been turned off, CHECK YOUR PMs!!!

Sailorsaturn - Marvel and CvS are probably the most played games at my place, you should come by.

Anyone down for some games Friday night? Shinobi?

im down for some games friday

st is prob the only game i can keep up with you guys in though. ill have to dust off my cvs2 and get cracking on that shit.

Let’s play tonight insom! I will give you a call when I get on my lunch break. CvS2 for win!

yo im down to play cvs2 tonight, get at me on aim or irc im in #keystoneii

I have no AIM at work, if you want to PM me a phone number I will happily call you up. I will PM you my number also.

tonight sounds good, but ill have to check out early. class in the morn

if i dont answer my phone = in class.

Sailor I found a web-based irc client, are you still in keystoneii?

It’s going down tonight with insom at least…who else wants some cvs2 / ST games?

LOL homey! Don’t be sorry! You’re spitting that knowledge and helping me increase my game. Not to mention it’s damn amusing hearing your hyper-self school me while you’re downing all those Monster drinks. :wgrin: I got it scheduled to make it again next Monday.

ST fest and more next monday! Everyone come through! This is the place to be in Berkeley!

Berkeley, you say? Count me in!

I work Friday night :frowning: I can’t wait to quit this job.

games thursday morning in rec room at dvc, home of the scrubs.

Sounds good to me.

This coming Monday’s looking pretty good!

GGs last night with Insom, Uncle and Randum. Uncle finally loses and suddenly ITS TIME TO GO!!!

yeah ggs man

this is me in marvel:confused::wonder:

Uncle’s waaaaaaaaay too good for me, playing him makes me want to break things.

I never get my ROM/death/guard break anywhere near as good as he does with IM’s inf/death/GB. Though I am starting to get a lot better with Mags vs Sentinel. Just need to finish the job once the combo starts.

Scamp, Rock Lee, sailorsaturn - Make sure you come through this Monday if you can. It’s gonna be madness I tell you, M A D N E S S ! !

sounds like my kind of scene then, can i bring some crack?

Project J aka josh fucken killer.

Dude you have come very long ways. your getting up there. i think its all that ST and CVS2 thats thrown your marvel game off. You’ve been playing 2 much ST with charles:wgrin: If you wanna train and get better. hit me up Berkeley aint nothing but 10/15 minutes from where im at. you know im down to help you get better. pluss i need your help on cvs2 i need to learn how to RC. i sucks at it:looney:. pluss grapes and setiva = ftw:lovin: holler