Street Fighter Issues 0-14... your favourite moments!

What were some of your favourite moments?
Fight scenes? Plot elements? Covers? Backup stories?
Lets hear some of your favourite moments from the first 2 SF arcs
(issues 0 - 14). Don’t forget to tell us which issue you’re referring to!

My all time favourite moment was actually from Issue 0.
Ryu vs Dark Ryu was like… WOAH.

I thought Ryu using a Flaming Shoryuken on Balrog was cool!

my favorites would be issue #7 when Sakura was try immitate Ryu by walk bare foot, and#9 when she tried to shoot a hadoken at Adon and all she got was air. those two bits were hilarious:rofl:

sagat v adon backup story.

I guess my favorite comedic moment was that steet fighter is found to now be in 1998+ and that they have email. And Ryu’s inbox is full with Ken’s messages found by sakura

Vega on the last page of #10, the full screen image. after he gets that phone call
Chun-li page at the end of issue #1 >;3 the pose when she confronts the shadaloo guy
Ryu + Ken vs Akuma in #6
and the Sagat vs Ryu backstory at the end of #1 with joe mad…hell, it’s safe to say that i like everything XD;

Juni’s Final Test in the last issue.

-Sakura doing a hadoken for the first time
-DR Cammy vs. Chun-Li fight (I didn’t realize the page/order error til later LOL)
-Mika low blow

All the bits with “Killer Bee”.

UDON rushed through that too much. Especially since that’s the most “current” version of Cammy.

(Don’t you wave Streetwise at me… I see you…)

I loved the coloring of the Back up Story by Jo MAD. It was insane. Had a really gritty solid feel to it.

Also like when the cops rolled in after the Massive, Bosses vs Ryu, Ken, Guile and Sakura fight in #14. And Balrog said something like “That Vega can be a pain in the ass but he does some good work don’t he?” And Ryu Kicks him in the head.

Oh yeah I lost a copy of SF # 4 I think (The one with mighty Dan in it) Where can I get back issues?

When Ken was rocking Vega in the hotel.

My favorite moment was seeing what Decapre looked like under the mask. :tup:

My favorite moments where when each issue came out on time.

I miss those moments.

you serious? that lame scene? could’ve been better imo. alot better. but i did enjoy ryu getting beat up.
anyway…my favorite scenes?

they were:
a.issue 2, when chunli came in guile’s office with that dress on with the cleavage. sexy.
b.issue 3, remember when chunli and guile were packing thier bags on that plane and juli was spying on them? that same panel with chunli standing up erect to push her bags in that luggage compartment saying “something about this ryu tells me that he’ll be the key to bringing bison to justice”. you saw how she was standing, right? sexy.
c. issue 3, when vega was about to rape eliza for the info. sexy.
d. issue 4, the “cleavage panel” with chunli and guile at the hospital. sexy.
e. issue 8, the entire camy intro. sexy.
f. issue 7, the very 1st panel which shows eliza, coming in on ken while hes training. sexy.
g. issue 7, the scene where chunli wears her sf2 getup, paying homage to her father.
h. issue 5, entire backstory. sexy.
i. issue5, flashback when charlie was telling chunli how her dad was killed. the way the dolls picked her dad apart like that…i thought it was sexy.

okay, enough of that.
my favorite fight scene was the one between charlie and bison from issue 5.
another one was ken’s shinryuken from issue 2. the fire twirling up like that was awesone to me. yeah, i know that last one was’nt a fight scene.

I just kinda wonder how Ryu could rip open somebody’s chest with an uppercut…

Zengief VS R Miki :lol: poor guy just didn’t know what to think about that dizzy dame. :looney: I wish the book was more about the “side” characters considering Ryu/Ken, Chun Li and Guile have been the star of so many other anime and Manga. I will admit that this was the best version of the Akuma story though…

naw kid, his chest was’nt open like THAT. i see what you mean though. but it looked more like a big gash rather than than his chest being BUSTED OPEN!.
maybe the fist of ryu’s shoryuken was moving so fast, the velocity of his fist tore through sagat’s skin.

I thought the Ryu shoryuken ripping open Sagat in the backstory was the best. I also really enjoyed Akuma’s appearance in issue 6.