Street Fighter IV #1 advanced Review

Hey guys,

The first issue of Street Fighter IV comics is coming out tomorrow. If you are not sure you should pick it up or not the check my review to this excellent addition to Udon’s Street Fighter comics world:

nice review dude. I’m supposed to have my comic in on Wednesday since my lcs didn’t do a big batch of orders on them. Can’t wait to read it and see the background stories.

First issue was good, nice art and action, but…personally I’d rather they NOT say their attacks’ name it just seems…silly for some reason.
Now I don’t mind if they show the name of the attack, but if the characters say them it’s just odd.
On second thought, I think saying the names move would be best suited to some characters (El Fuerte for example)

I got mine today, and just finished reading it. It was good, my only real complaint is that a lot of the pictures of Abel look nothing like he does in the game facially.

I just read it now too. The Birdie fight was probably the best part.

Artwork was phenomenal as expected.

After seeing the endings in SFIV, I’m wondering what is the context of Seth addressing himself as #15, when in the game he felt it was an insult to go by his number.
Also wondering if his deeper shade of blue is story related or artistic choice?

thanks for the review bro. I went to go buy it, awesome issue.

Last page on the display screen… displays a Sub-zero/Scorpion/Reptile reference

Sub zero was brilliant.

There was a ‘their/there’ spelling mistake on one of the pages though, little disappointing. I think it was during the Birdie fight.

Other than that, good issue. I like C.Viper’s stories.