Street Fighter IV #2 Discussion Thread


Lots of goodies in this issue! Joe NG did some great stuff, I loved the way he drew Seth’s SF4 background. The El Fuerte and Sakura stuff was fun and I got what I asked for on some thread in this forum a long time ago, a Rufus vs. Dan match ha ha! Dan was SOOO FUNNY like always. :smile:

The announcements of Mega Man and Mega Man X art books along with upcoming manga based on the original Mega Man and Mega Man ZX got me hype! Hey Mega Man II made me the annoying Capcom Fanboy I am today. :wink:

They show issue 3’s cover by Joe NG in the issue too. It has a bunch of evil karate fighters ha ha! SNH (Evil, Dark) Ryu, Evil (Sun tanned lol) Sakura from the Marvel games, Gouki (Akuma) and is that an evil Gouken? HA HA HA! :rofl: I was surprised to see Violent Ken from SVC Chaos, he even had that crazy SVC Chaos hair style! :wow: :lovin:

Good ish, everyone go get it! And I’m looking forward to 3 and that Evil cover TEH EEEEEVIIIIIIL!!! :tup:


Yeah the cover with the “evil” shotos looks pretty sick. Wonder how it’s going to get to that point. Has anyone been picking up or seen the supposed “only 500” super special attack variants at their comic shops?


I haven’t because the store I go to, Midtown comics in NY doesn’t let you reserve them. I got the two regular covers like always. Haven’t seen them in stores either, but by the time I show up to the store it’s too late anyway.


After reading this issue, Cammy, Abel, and Seth are genetic siblings and bison is the father. I also love spoof on ninja warrior:rofl:


I read this on saturday , i must say the one thing that impress me the most is the artwork. Joe NGs manga anime style is really great. Storywise im not so sure.

Seths origins we’re probably the best and most interesting part , the “growing” of super soldiers to produce a host body for Bison seems to make more sense (in an evil megalomaniac way) than the doll project ever did.
Im not such a fan of goofy comical side stories that seems to be there just to introduce a few charachters. I wanna see some full fights were theres a winner and a looser, and i feel maybe the story progresses a little too slow from issue to issue , but thats not just this comics problem.
maybe its the fact that ive read a few darker mature comics lately and that this comic is targeted at a younger audience in a more upbeat comical tone.


Who is that guy Viper captures? Is it somebody from an other Capcom game?


Fairly sure it’s an original character. I’ll take another look though.


yeah my boy that owns the store I go to is hooking me up with them. Got 1 and 2 already. With the original 2 covers of course. The ultra attack incentive covers are pretty though.


Yeah looked again and I’m pretty sure it’s an original character. At the very least I’ve never seen that person in a Capcom game before.


Joe just made him up :wink: