Street Fighter IV #3 Discussion Thread

There was a lot of fighting moves from Street Fighter IV in this one so I liked it a lot! Joe NG’s pencils are awesome! :lovin:

Slight spoiler for the end of the issue


Akuma can sense disturbances in the Satsui No Hadou? He’s a Jedi now. :rofl: Oh well whatever moves the story along. Kind of cool I guess. :smile:

In the back there’s an ad for the big Phoenix Wright art book, it looks like Studio Udon is translating that too! :clapdos: So glad I did not purchase the Japanese one when I saw it. I did purchase the SF 20th Anniversary art book when I saw it though. I knew Udon was translated it but it was right in front of me in a Japanese book store and I could not resist. :blush: Well looking forward to Udon translating the SF 20th Anniversary art book in September. :cool:


Yeah I am defintely getting the sf artbook. This issue was pretty good. The Incentive cover (evil versions of the shotos) was misleading i thought they were gonna show up but only Dan, Akuma, and Sakura was in it. Wow Dan has a faint satsui no hado ki in him…lol. good issue though

Joe NG is my current fave, since Tsang is pretty much gone. But his C. Viper looks weird, somehow. Anyone thinks he’s been changing his female characters a bit, or is it just me?