Street Fighter IV - AZ

hi, people. i hope i’m posting this in the right place…

i’m looking for a community that plays street fighter 4 in az. either online or locally (preferred). i desperately need practice. i’m down for playing at gameworks or whatever other place has the cabinet.

let me know. thanks.

PSN: Garrison83

can somebody please tell me where my post got moved to?

Pacific South…

There’s a thread here you can post in as well…

Got one online, PSN ID: Souji5
Not on as often as I’d like but if you’ve got a PS3 send me an invite :slight_smile:

wait how are you a 2007 member, and not once checked the Arizona thread?

anyway, I run Ranbat’s.

we are going into the third tournament this sunday, you’re more than welcome to come out.

I have all the info on the blog that’s in my signature.