Street Fighter IV - Bad Games Thread

also soon to be open for business…with hopefully less business than the GGs thread.

lol… this one is going to be full of terribad.


This will become a disasterpiece.

thread bookmarked…
thank you

Man, this thread will probably be epic.

i am going tobe positive hope there will be more good games than bad games prayerfully.

lol so does this mean that SF4 isnt gonna get its own section in the XBL categories?

cuz as much as i love me some cvs2… that having its own thing, but not sf4 would be kinda epic

in a bad kinda way <3

I’m sure it will. If it does, all the mods have to do is move the GG/BG threads into that category, and all will be well in the animal kingdom.

Let me kick this off with BAD GAMES to “Serge the GREAT” for not shutting up about “how broken Cammy is in this version”.

Bad games to STI xTaker , after i thought we were having good games and me leaving to play with a friend he msges me with racist slurs cuz i was ahead and scared to lose to him.

I stick to Player matches (not quite ready for ranked matches yet) and the only bad games I have had were due to lag, or glitches.

I’m sure if I was a dominant player instead of typically winning half of the matches I play, I would experience more hate, ragequits, etc…

I NEVER ragequit on people. EVER.

If I am getting rocked badly, that is when I become most interested, its a chance to figure out what I’m really doing wrong, or to learn how to defeat another type of attack.