Street Fighter IV by Jigsaw

Hey everyone… I just used to draw quite a bit ages ago, pretty sure I posted a thing or two here back in the day. Some might remember that, others might’ve seen my deviantArt page or pictures I’ve posted on other forums. Anyway, I’ve basically been in a slump as far as drawing goes for like two years, but I’m trying to pick it up again. Since I’m super stoked about SF4, and felt that I could use the practice, I decided that I’ll draw all the characters from the game. As it stands I’ve got 3 down, 14 to go, but from the looks of things more characters will have to be added to the pipeline before long…

Without further ado, here are the pictures I’ve finished so far.

  1. Ryu

  1. Ken

  1. Guile

I’ve currently got line art finished for Sagat, Boxer, Dictator and Abel, so they’ll probably be next. But if there’s any character in particular that you want to see, feel free to make requests.

I liked them!!!

The Guile is my fav

yeah i saw these on deviantart and was like holy hell! really like the ink, great renditions. :tup:

Thanks for the comments. Glad you like them! Here’s the next one.

  1. Sagat

Wow, awesome job! I tried doing one myself of Necro.

Nice. Ryu looks like his 3rd Strike portrait. How are you simulating the sumi-e effect?

Sagat is my fave out of all of them.

Also want to ask how you get that SFIV effect so well

These are hot. The sagat is my fav as well since the SFIV effect is incorporated more.

haha that sagat one is so cool. great job, man :slight_smile:

Glad you like 'em.

Scissorman: Yeah, I saw you pic, looks really cool!

coco_j and fistoftheryustar: It’s simple enough… I found some pictures of ink splatters, I then just cut them up in tiny pieces and paste all over the pictures. I use the same ones for all of the pictures, they’re just arranged differently.

  1. Abel

superb job dude. i think abel’s my favorite right up there with ol pirate man :smiley:
although abel looks a little tubby in the belly…

Haha, I’m really liking what you’ve got up Jigsaw. I really love your use of colour, they really breathe life into the pic under that sumi-e SF4 splatter art style.

btw you’ve done the camouflage pattern on Guile’s pants really nicely. I don’t recall many (any?) fanartists who have bothered to do it that well.

Bland_Wolf pointed out that Abel’s belly looks larger than it should be… we know you were trying for the loose fit look. I think it’s because his shoulders seem narrower than his hips. Also the way the light falls on his stomach area makes it look rounded.

sounds…tedious and not what i expected.

that abel is my new favorite. you got the face much better here than on the other pics you posted. i cna tell uve been workin on this style

You drew Abel extra jacked up. He has a honey pot belly, like everyone said. I like his face.

So far, Guile is my favorite. You drew his hand very well. I like how you painted Ken’s pants all baggy saggy.

Thanks for the comments everyone. It’s fun to see that everyone’s got kind of their own favourites.

I had to lend my wacom tablet to a friend for a while, hence the lack of updates. I’m getting back into the swing of things now though.

  1. M. Bison

cool! the colors (especially abel’s) match the sf4 screenshots perfectly

Excellent work, the only criticism I have is that the faces don’t look like they belong in the picture.

The SFIV effect is prevalent all over the picture except for the face which looks unnaturally “clean” if you know what I mean.

Good works. Those are amazing :tup:

Is it possible at all to make up a SFIV Cammy? =/
Or does it have to be the actual SFIV characters?

Sagat’s fucking sexy…