Street Fighter IV Complete Costume Pack 50% off on PSN Tomorrow!!

Lookie! All the costumes for only $6.25! The costumes carry over to SSFIV too, so this is a pretty nice deal.

Yes it is, much more reasonable. not sure if I’m going to get it though. I don’t like most of them and already have most of the costumes for the characters I like.

for those being affected by the downward economy definitely take advantage of this :smiley:

Aren’t these sales supposed to carry over on Amazon? They still list the pack at full price. shrug

can anyone confirm that’s it’s even on the store? i picked up the ce and i think because of the free add on i’m excluded from this. sucks would of been nice to have this.

It should show up in the store regardless of what version of SF4 you got (I got the CE also). I didn’t see it either. Weird.

Edit: I’m wrong, if you already have a pack the thing doesn’t show up. Gah.

Ah shoot, wish I saw this thread yesterday. I’m guessing the sale is over, right?

No it should be for this week, from now until the 31st. That is if the damn thing will show up on PSN.

Hm… actually, checking the Capcom Unity page again, I guess if you have any of the other packs it really doesn’t show up… that sounds logical in a way but it’s also kind of stupid. Hopefully they can change it, though they have to do it fast

Weirdly though Amazon still lists it at full price, in other instances sale prices have taken effect there

Wait so… since I got the SF4 CE and enabled the costume pack it came with, the complete pack isn’t available to me?

This is a shame considering I’d probably buy the complete pack with this sale if they’d let me.

i know right almost feels like it’s punishing those of us who went and got the ce. or bought addon stuff in the first place. the thing is i have what i wanted but i would just on impulse bought the rest if i could. that said i hear if you make a second account you can then go and buy it. can anyone confirm this?

I’ve pondered this as well (making a new account, buying/downloading it with that account, then installing on my main account). Does anyone see any reason why this wouldn’t work? I believe the sale ends on the 31st so I’d like to know by then.

Hey guys, I had the same situation that happened to me a couple months ago… bought the collectors edition last yr but when the pack went on sale… I couldn’t see the pack on the marketplace… but when I went on a different psn username… it worked… this shouldnt happen in the first place tho… who are they trying to cheat?

If you install with one account… all accounts will have the costumes

Thanks for the answers, I ended up doing it.

Now if only Akuma’s alt costume wasn’t so ugly!

akuma’s costume is boss…what are you thinking?

Was disappointed that I missed then sale, then I checked PSN and it was still up so grab it while you can guys.