Street Fighter IV concept art

I ripped a bunch of images from SFIV’s in-game gallery and thought people might want to use them for av’s or just general viewing. Unfortunately, my capture device only accepts composite input, so they aren’t as sharp or high res as they could be, but it’s good enough for the internet.

Lastly, I was screwing around in photoshop and ended up retouching a few images with Champion Edition, Turbo, and Super Turbo colors. Having grown up pouring over the SNES SF2 Turbo strategy guide, I have a fondness for the classic colors and it’s really nice to see them on Ikeno’s excellent artwork.

In the future, if someone has a character image they want retouched with an alternate color for their av, let me know and I might be able to hook you up.


whaaat?! where did you get these? ive seen a few but not all of them. soem are really good. like that sakura one throwing the hadouken

Wow, badass rips.

That Bison alt is pretty crazy. And Gouken would’ve looked dope like that as well.

Thanks for image rips. I see lots of future avatar material here (especially the one with alt. Bison/Dictator).

Recolors look good too.

The Thailand stage would have been fucken great in the game.

Damn, thanx for these!

LOL @ rose concept art

too bad that didnt make it into the game

Great quality.

I wish the Crashed Plane made It into the Blanka stage, The monkey’s look fake as fuck… Don’t care if you have 720 or 1080P.
The Thailand stage looks awesome… Lots of excellent Ideas down the Drain.