Street Fighter IV Console tourney Saturday Feb.28th Play N trade San Jose


Play N trade video game store will be holding a tournament in celebration of the console release for Street Fighter 4.

February 28th Saturday
Street Fighter 4 On ps3
$5.00 Buy in at the door
Analog Televisions
Best 2 out of 3
Double Elimination
SIgn ups at 12
Tournament starts at 2PM

1st-Street Fighter 4 themed hori stick.
2nd- Brand new copy of SF IV Anniversary edition [360 or PS3]
3rd-Play N trade T-shirt :rofl:

1807 East Capitol Expressway San Jose 95121
(East Capitol and Aborn Rd. Next to little Ceasars)

Bring your own sticks!
Any questions P.M me or call the store at 408-531-9350


I got $$$ on Magus to take it all!!!


do we have to pre-reg or anything?


i got $ on me


sorry tyram. imma have to place all the $$$ on me. ^.^


you guys are dumb. i’m going to beat everyone there with dan.


Ima be studying bruce lee videos up to this…watch yo necks!


No more chicken wings for u andry, cuz rose is gunna zap ur assssssss. hahaha



i win.


shut up lb.

i’m kidding. i ruv u rong time <33333


This right?


no $$$ prizes???


No cash prizes, those are the prizes as shown.


Is the SF4 themed hori stick the ps3 or 360 version.


Your choice, we have these 2


no cash prizes… >_>


their prizes are better than cash prizes…


dave, is dat u?




i might so up for this.