Street Fighter IV Fight Stick Button Problem


I recently got a Mad Cats Street Fighter IV Fight Stick (the white one with the 8 world warriors on it). Everything was good until I started to notice that the “O” button was not working. It seems to go from working fine to not working at all. Is there any way to fix this?


If it’s the SE version, then the buttons must be going bye bye then. Other than that, take the bottom plate off and make sure they’re securely connected.
The Madcatz SE sticks have inferior clone parts in them(stick and buttons), it’s best to swap them out for buttons that you like(Sanwa, HAPP, Seimitsu or etc…).


ok thanks. Figures this would happen on the day I got it. Um how exactly will I know if they’re securely connected?


I recently replaced all the the buttons and joystick with sanwa parts. Its pretty easy. just be careful when taking out the quick disconnects.


you have to open it up, which voids the warranty.

If you send it back to madcatz it will probably happen again.

What you want to do is buy 6 or 8 sanwa buttons, and a sanwa JLF stick from inexpensive iirc) and replace the parts and you shouldnt have a problem after that.

I dont have the SE stick, but I think you open it from the back, there will be wires hanging from the button. You simply pull them out, dont pull by the wire, pull by the metallic piece that touches the button. They dont play nice though, sometimes they can really be on there so just be careful. Installing the new buttons is as easy as plugging the wire into the new button

the stick portion is just as easy. Just make sure you put it in the same way it was originally.


Yup, that’s it. The SE Stick is incredibly simple(which is a good thing) so just remove the 6 screws on the bottom as I recall, after that you see everything in place.

Yes the quick disconnects can be very hard to yank off for the first time, takes time or some people just simply use a flat head screwdriver to pry them off. After that, squeeze each button off and push outwards to swap buttons. As for the stick, it’s a standard 4 screw mount on each corner and pull off the connection.

The SE stick is probably the best valued entry level stick but it’s too small and light in my opinion which I have moved on to bigger, better types of sticks :smiley:

The rest of the tech section are filled with tutorials on the SE stick(modding and graphic modding) and others such as equipment FAQs. Generally Sanwa JLFs are regarded as the standard stick to use from Japanese arcade cabs as well as the Sanwa snap in 30mm buttons(OBF or something?).


Thank you everyone for all of your helpful advice. I’m new to sticks so its nice to have some guidance here and there. :slight_smile: