Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition Re-Release Date


I have preordered mine with Capcom’s website on January 28th and it was backordered so I patiently been waiting for when the orders would have been replenished. I even bought a regular fightstick but quickly returned it after hearing about the negative reviews. Then the email comes out from MadCatz that existing orders would be met in April or March I forget

Does anyone know if the orders will be met at the end of March?
Has anyone who preordered theirs that was backordered from Capcom’s Site received theirs already?


You know… there’s a thread completely dedicated to your FightStick questions and needs. it’s at the top of the forums.

So basically:

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Calm the fuck down Close this thread then
I will be posting it in that thread


from the gamestops ive called they told me that the backorders should be fulfilled by the 1st week of april and a re-release date hasnt been posted but the gamestops also told me that they get random shipments of these sticks and to call everyday if i wanted 1 that bad…


Thanx Skitso I will try calling Gamestop everyday again like I did 2 weeks ago


I agree…


these boards have an unhealthy amount of raged nerds…


I agree.


damn stop raging


hes just amped up from people hating on Rufus


Does it really mean that much to you? :sweat:


Has anyone received the Sticks from the Capcom Store as of right now my Account stills says Order Processed from Jan 28th