Street Fighter IV Hates Charge Characters


In SFII half of the selectable cast is comprised of charge characters and that number grew up on Champion Edition.

Since then the percentage of charge characters on the cast have declined, a trend that SFIV is following.

4 out of 8 (50%) - Blanka, Guile, E. Honda and Chun-Li

7 out of 12 (58.33%) - All the previous plus Boxer, Claw and Dictator

6.5 out of 12 (54.17%) - Chun-Li got a fireball that uses a motion command, making her the first hybrid character in the series

**SSF II **
8 out of 16 (50%) - Chun-Li went back to full charge char and of the 4 new characters, only Dee Jay was a charge char.

SSF II Turbo
8 out of 17 (47.06%) - No change, but we get one more char that is non-charge

Street Fighter IV (the original arcade version) was a return to the origins, bringing back the original cast of 12 characters plus some new faces

SFIV (Arcade)
7 out of 17 (41.18%) - The original 7 charge characters are back, despite Chun-Li having a motion command (Axe Kick). Not one of the 4 new characters (Viper, Abel, Rufus and Fuerte) are charge chars. We can clearly see Capcom showing its hate and despise for charge characters.

SFIV (Console)
7.5 out of 25 (30%) - From the 8 new characters included in the console version (included previous boss-only chars), only Gen have charge moves, but he’s an hybrid.

8.5 out of 35 (24.29%) - Here you can see again Capcom’s desdain for charge characters. We got 10 new characters, but only one uses charge moves (Dee Jay). On top of that the game got 2 new and completely original characters, Juri and Hakan, and none of them use charge moves

8.5 out of 39 (21.79%) - This is getting ridiculous. 4 new characters, well 3 returning and 1 new, and none of them are charge chars

8.5 out of 44 (19.32%) - 4 new characters announced, none charge-based. The secret and all-new 5th character is yet unknown, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about him having charge moves.

At this rate, SFV will mark the extinction of “hold down back”.

We gotta do something!

What would be your opinion if the roster is like 70-80% the same as USFIV?

look at this scrub not mentioning 3s who had a mix of it all…and you got rewarded for mastering charge partitioning for example with Urien



I don’t think we need some arbitrary percentage of the cast to be charge.

Many mechanics of the game do work against charge characters, and their strengths are becoming less adequate to compensate for those disadvantages. I thought that’s what this thread would be about.

Acknowledging that, it still would have been silly to say capcom hates charge, but not THIS silly.


Proportion of the cast being != Capcom don’t care about no charge characters.

If the game had mechanics that were 100% unfavorable to charge characters that made them predominantly the worst in the game, then you might have a case. As it stands, you have Balrog generally considered high tier, you have Chun, Blanka, Dee Jay getting buffs that should see them move up the rankings. Your case doesn’t hold weight.


Oh boy

I’m not talking about tiers or game mechanics, it’s a pretty subjective matter and often controversial.

I’m talking about the inclusion and creation of charge characters. Capcom seems to hate creating charge characters

Since SFIV came out Capcom created 9 completely new characters to the franchise: Abel, C. Viper, Rufus, Fuerte, Gouken, Seth, Juri, Hakan and Oni, none of the are charge-based.

They also brought us back a lot of characters from other iterations of the series, only Dee Jay being a charge character.

Not that Alpha had a lot of original charge characters, in the first place. I might be wrong but the only one I can remember that was “original” to the Alpha series, as in, not coming from SFII, is Gen. There’s Charlie/Nash (a Guile clone), of course, but the odds of Charlie making an appearance on SFIV are minimum, at best.

And from SFIII, none of the characters they brought to SFIV is charge-based.

Less than one fifth of the cast are charge-based. Now compare this to the old days of SFII, when more than half of the cast had charge moves.

If this is not a demonstration of preference of Capcom for motion characters in detriment of charge characters, I don’t know what that is.


I wouldn’t mind more charge characters


I wouldn’t mind more, either. I also don’t mind new command characters, and don’t think we need to make some quota.


Charge characters aren’t going extinct. There are just less of them.

There is no anti-charge campaign being carried out by Capcom or anything. Calm down.


They also seem to hate alien characters. If Rufus is to be believed only Dhalsim is an alien. That’s 2.27% There’s also only 3 chefs with Yun, Yang and El Fuerte. That’s only 6.81%! Now maybe the fifth character is a charge based alien chef but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Come on Capcom!




For some reason this gave me flashbacks to 12


Id love more charge characters, especially dynamic agressive ones ( Bison, Vega) instead of those turtling sacks of shit, like a certain USAF coronel


Yeah a pure rushdown charge character would be awesome.


Oro please.


We need a charge grappler.No 360 motions, all charging, all the time.


Who still 360s in SFIV?


With the shortcut, the motions like, what, 225 degrees?


Not even sure how that’d work since you gotta walk up to your opponent to land grabs and that makes you lose charge lol

Anyway I agree we need to see more charge characters, rushdown charge characters is refreshing and fun as hell. Hopefully the 5th new character in Ultra will be a charge character.


Back+ command normals that move you forward


Orl lol a move that needs forward charge