Street Fighter IV Help (video inside)

I basically need help with my balrog. I think I depend on his headbutt too much. That and I think I jump too much (a friend of mine told me that’s how you’re supposed(?) to play him)

Let me know if you can’t see the video because youtube was being unreasonable the last time i tried this.

You never did a single overhead!

I KNOW RIGHT?? I always forget the standard overheads =/

Is there a reason you kept whiffing fierce punches from full screen? It looked like it caused you to eat a Psycho Crusher at one point which should have been easily avoidable/blockable. Other than that, as you said I am not sure what the benefit of jumping so much with Rog is, especially when you’re trying to get in.

I didn’t notice you using TAP much/at all, is that just because you were fighting Bison? Or do you not use it much in general?

I don’t tap much against Bison. Should I be doing that more often in that match up?

Not really, as far as I know. I just wanted to make sure that it was part of your toolbox in general (for other characters).

Haha boy that Bison was eating those jump-ins like they were going outta style!

It’s hard to guage your Balrog game from that match because you were on offense the entire time and the same tactic was working so you didn’t have to play any mind games or throw any mixup at him.

You are a little too jumpy. Balrog can do some intense work with that jump-in, hit confirm, headbutt and then then ultra. It tends to work well against fireball happy shodo players. I noticed you did that once during the fight but just missed the link - it’s a good idea to put your time in practicing that link and then the ultra afterward because getting blocked on that headbutt is very punishable :stuck_out_tongue:

Balrog’s near unpunishable sweep is awesome and does killer damage. More overheads. Don’t be afraid to bait a footsie game and EX charge attack through whatever normals they throw out. For mixup, try to C.LP opponents into a block string and throw them out of it.

Hit up the Balrog forums on the SRK website for more tips and strategies with your character. Good luck :slight_smile:

You should use it in every match-up, but not always to hit. Essentially on every knockdown TAP gives you an opportunity to build meter free. If you watch matches of tourney Boxers you will see un-techable knockdowns followed by TAP and lp.rush punch, added bonus is that it puts you right on top of your opponent.

There’s also a “what went wrong?” video thread in the balrog forum:

what’s TAP

Turn Around Punch, the Balrog PPP/KKK move.