Street Fighter IV Home Arcade Project Pics & Info

(posting this for a friend)

In honor of the release of Street Fighter IV at home, I decided to design and build a cheap, easy, home arcade for use with Xbox360 and PS3. It took about a month, but we finally finished, and it came out pretty damn great. I used HAPP parts cause thats what I am used to.

Here is one pic:

The article has all 55 images, info, and links. It can run you from $300 to $600, depending on parts/tools.


Great Idea and very cool array, gratz!

Aaaaa… that gives me some Ideas…

Like… putting a 24" TFT in my own Mame Cab and put my box in the cab…

here’s my (not yet finished) cab, btw… :slight_smile:

Oh maaaaaan… If I just had the 24" TFT… ^^

Hey, the builder of the project here. :slight_smile: Just a few other things, the project was our first woodworking project (me and my brother built it), and it came off pretty damn nice. I’m still impressed with what we did the first time out. This probably means you can do it as well. It cost us $800, but we needed to buy every single part, we had nothing lying around. The best part, of course, is the console. The custom artwork I did myself, and the other finishing touches really added to it. Feel free to post with any questions, comments!

Drach… that is an insane looking cabinet!!! Man, now we have something to shoot for for the next project!

:pray: @ this console!!!

Well, I didn’t build the cab myself, I got it cheap (empty), it was an old Virtua Fighter II cab.

Wow, keep up the good work with your street fighter arcade!

That looks great, man. Just a few questions…how tall is it and on a scale of 1-10 how difficult was it to build? The wiring and electrical stuff wouldn’t really be a problem, but I’ve never done woodworking before. The only rule I know is measure once and cut twice, wait no…the other way around.

From bottom to top it is just under 5 feet, it is made to sit down low in front of it since I am disabled. The great thing about it is that you can change parts out. We used a ready-made nightstand for the base, if if you want a stand up machine, you can use a higher bottom part.

As for the wood working, this was our first ever wood working project. You can get twice the wood you will need for 25 bucks, so all I can tell you is, take your time, use templates, and you can always re-cut a piece of wood. When you put it together, and it comes out with edges sticking out, you can easily use a belt sander to even things off, and it looks totally professional. I think you can do it if you have a partner to help you hold, or a nice workbench table. The article has the things we learned while doing it that may help. 1-10 difficulty? Time wise about a 7 for time consumption, and about a 6 in difficulty if you have good planning and tools.

lol at the Apple sticker on the Dell tower. But nice work. I like what you did with the housing for the PC tower.

nice cab but can u explain to me y ppl use 7 buttons instead of 6 or 8?

SNK fighters only use the top four. So, you only need to add one button to a SF layout to enable SNK play as well.

sweet thx ^_^… and ur avatar is ftw…

Thanks skitso. Got the idea when watching the cb movie the other day.

Dmgr, it turned out really well. You used a night stand as a base you say? That’s a good resourceful idea. I’m thinking about making some sort of stand for my stick, I just can’t seem to get a good angle with it while playing on the floor or my lap. I might try to retrofit an angled top onto a small shelf or something.

thanks! just finished playing on it for an hour or so, man, i soooooo am out of practice with a stick haha, pad i can hold my own but stick… oh man i got weeks of practice ahead

for the base, Target had one for like 49.99 we reinforced it with 2 pieces of 2x4 in the back so that it would not wobble side to side and it would hold the weight of the console and TV, but you can probably just use metal L brackets and that would suffice. like i said the great thing is you can just swap out a different night stand of small table like the ones you buy unassembled at the local walmart, and you can make ti taller or shorter

man you could probably even go without the base at all, and make it a tabletop arcade thing for a bar or on a desk maybe at home… lots of things you can do which is why we did it the way we did

I’m planning on doing something like this once I set up my business… except I plan on also having a 10 foot screen cloning the cabinet’s screen.

Think that’ll bring in the crowds? Not everyone has a 10 foot tall screen to play on at home… or am I the only one that has one?