Street Fighter IV Is Upon Us...[ Questionairre ]

And it feels great, oh…by the way, what’s up people…been a while. Anywho, got to play it today at my friends house, feels very good. Very quick, a lot of the usual target combos are still there and all that good stuff. It felt good to play a Brand New Street Fighter game…However, not everything felt so good.

Am I the only one who got caught a couple times while playing Street Fighter IV, pressing FORWARD towards your opponent trying to Parry?! Haha, I mean…yeah I understand the logic behind removing parrying, it’s an old issue/topic that doesn’t need further questioning. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but can see why the developers felt the need to do it. Aside from, shaking yourself out of the habit and just pressing the two MEDIUMS together do the whole absorb; “Just Defend” thing…out of curiosity, who else here went into you’re SFIV experience playing it like SFIII? There were some times I caught myself trying to Kara’ throw too, lol…it’s funny how much influence 3rd Strike has/had on my fighting game experience!

Sure Parrying was a bit difficult to grasp at first, but once you got the hang of it and started fighting in rhythm, it just became addictive. An addiction some claim was great, and some claim was destructive. You had people who became so addicted to parrying, they would substitute it for their blocking…just to get the advantage, I was one of them. I then learned to slow down and incorporate blocking more into my game, and picking my spots! But…after 10 years of playing, virtually the SAME fighting game, learning the same moves, practicing the same patterns, studying the same scenarios, something like SFIV throws you the heck off! Haha, it’s wild.

I know with much practice, SFIV will only become more and more familiar. But, I think I will honestly say, to me…SFII: ST was a good game that incorporated some new direction we NEEDED to see from the series, Alpha was good and added almost…a youthful presence to the series, but still allowed people to take it seriously…to me however, I think SF: III made me grow up as a fighting game player and plan more, strategize and analyze. It may seem a bit much at first but…I’d honestly say out of all the fighting games I’ve played; Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is honestly one of the most influential games I’ve ever played. And my hat goes to the team behind THAT game! SFIV is great in all its new glory and fame…but SF:III will always be one of my favorite fighting games ever.

So, to ensure this thread isn’t useless…some questions from a curious cat!

**How Do You Feel Playing SFIV, After Playing SFIII For So Long?

Do You Like SFIV Better In Terms Of Gameplay

Did you too try to Kara throw/Parry/connect two shoryukens (with ken)?

If Capcom does release, different variations of of SFIV like they did SF:II, Alpha and SF:III…what do you hope to see in some of those versions?

Does SFIV feel like a complete Street Fighter Experience to you? Why?**

There we go, hope I did that right. Be safe people.

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I played sfII in the arcades, back in the day

what is sfIII anyway??

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let me guess the first fighting game you played was 3s

Sarcasm in some of that i hope lol. Lol capcom makes a NEW game and u want the same…for shame sir, for shame

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