Street Fighter IV Koryu - PC mod release thread


Greatest game ever. I’m maining Garfield on this one.


My friend donloaded and made me play this mod and I Just have to put in that this is the worst fighting mod i have played. I sat down and picked my character and the round started and then my friend did a shoryuken and it made a wall of fireballs and then I immediately packed up my TE stick and left the room. I dont know how people tat make mugen stuff can make stuff for sf4 now?


Thank you, Zeipher.


It’s a PC game, I wouldn’t count on it.
Though I totally agree, this should replace SFIV completely for srs.


Yeah, I was waiting for that mod for so long. Thanks for the job, the game looks really new and as a fighting games fan, it really is entertaining. Here’s my Youtube playlist, I’m doing videos for fun, and discovering how characters changed is so sick !!

YouTube - MrRufusfan’s Channel


I am looking to do something like this myself, do you know where I can get started?

Also this game is funny as shit


Downloading, thank you for releasing this madness


This mod is a lifetime experience for sure!

Also Cammys Taunt (Instant Lvl 3 FA) does only a Lvl 2 FA which you can charge up to Lvl 3 though.


Some really cool combos and setups going on here. Good shit!


Am I supposed to replace the entire character folders, or just the XXX.cmn.emz files? Because I did the later one, and Dan doesn’t seem to work.


Is there any reason Dan has no modifications?


So it’s not jsut me then?

Btw, I noticed that when you cancel Cammys j.HP into another move, it will think you’re jumping straight hp instead of forward, so you can’t do cannon strike, and you get js.HP, js.HK etc. Is this intentional?


Thought I might add that I found you can cause Chun Li to get stuck mid Air by canceling out of hazanshu into an air grab.


You can also fly by using extremely fast as shown earlier in that video as well.


when you juggle into rose’s soul throw and Vega’s air grab, they do no damage (you wanted to know about glitches, right?). I also noticed that if you did Akumas LP air fireball as soon as possible during a jump, he will fall slowly to the ground afterwards.


Wish I had a comp that could run it, otherwise…Thank you Based Zeipher!


it’s stuck on the little loading bar in mediafire, can’t download for whatever reason? =/


Updated first post with 1.1 update information.

MRGAY, the download thing is probably because I was messing with the file at that moment. Sorry about that.


No problem, it’s still being funny, maybe needs to be uploaded and stuff. I’ll try in 15 minutes or so. Looking forward to it. B)



I love this game so much.

Ken is so gdlk looool


Ken needs more FLAMES, thousands of FLAMES! :smiley: