Street Fighter IV Koryu - PC mod release thread


*Updated to 1.1 AKA the final final version. For real.

Rose and Vega had combos into airthrows that did no damage. They now do regular scaled airthrow damage.
Gouken has more damage on his ultra.
Sagat has less damage on his ultra.
Sakura now has to cancel from HP+HK like everyone else.

Download links further down this post.*

“KOF is here again”

After a year of pushing SF4 to its limits, and then some, finally: a mod that fulfills your street fighting, hadoken blasting, pregnant sakura needs. (There isn’t actually a pregnant sakura in this mod, I’m so so sorry.)

Universal System Changes:
:f::f: Dash is now a KOF style shorthop. It allows for quick overheads, and some pretty nasty offense. It also looks kinda funny.
:mp:+:mk: Focus Attack is now a hit-absorbing dash. Takes approx. 20-50 hits depending on character, but still does gray damage.
:mp:+:mk: EXFADC is now sort of like a roman cancel. Eats up one EX bar.
:hp:+:hk: Taunt is now an instant lvl3 FA that drains Ultra meter. It’s good for continuing juggles, or for breaking through an opponent’s block.
:3p: Supers only drains 2 EX bars. The ultras are now HP supers that absorb the entire super bar. (Which means you can combo into them from f.ex c.MK if you’re ryu.)

Saggot is still cheap.

Special Thanks to:
Anotak, for being willing to share a lot with me, for making SF4 Remix, and for his wonderful Koryu edition Akuma.

Polarity, for finding out a lot of shit early on, and for helping out along the way.

RottKing, for a couple of the early Koryu vids, and for bitching at me for not including him.
Might as well include all of #Geese_Tower as well.

Random youtuber TrickyClock, for making the Koryu logo. I didn’t even ask for it! Thank you!

…And You!

Installation Notes:

  • You’ll need a (hopefully legit) copy of SF4 PC for this.

1.1 full version -
1.1 patch version -

  • First of all, back up your original Battle/Chara folder. Please!

  • unpack the folders in the 7zip (if you don’t have 7zip, why not?)
    select all the folders, copy them to Battle/Chara. Replace everything it asks you to.

  • Shoot some of those hadokens.

Note: You need a decent CPU to be able to deal with Ryu and Ken’s hadoken madness.


this is the best game ever if only my shitty laptop could run it


You did it zeipher. you released it. sf4 koryu is out and it’s like, “the bomb”.


cool mod :tup:


im a top player in this game


i heard there was kof in he-reads street fighter backs out of room slowly


its here. at last.

until ae. welp.


Yes!! This Is The Moment I Have Been Waiting For!!!


This NEEDS to be a mini tournament at some events.

I am so hyped. This is too GDLK.

also… amazing avatar Zeipher.


Greatest game ever. I’m maining Garfield on this one.


My friend donloaded and made me play this mod and I Just have to put in that this is the worst fighting mod i have played. I sat down and picked my character and the round started and then my friend did a shoryuken and it made a wall of fireballs and then I immediately packed up my TE stick and left the room. I dont know how people tat make mugen stuff can make stuff for sf4 now?


Thank you, Zeipher.


It’s a PC game, I wouldn’t count on it.
Though I totally agree, this should replace SFIV completely for srs.


Yeah, I was waiting for that mod for so long. Thanks for the job, the game looks really new and as a fighting games fan, it really is entertaining. Here’s my Youtube playlist, I’m doing videos for fun, and discovering how characters changed is so sick !!

YouTube - MrRufusfan’s Channel


I am looking to do something like this myself, do you know where I can get started?

Also this game is funny as shit


Downloading, thank you for releasing this madness


This mod is a lifetime experience for sure!

Also Cammys Taunt (Instant Lvl 3 FA) does only a Lvl 2 FA which you can charge up to Lvl 3 though.


Some really cool combos and setups going on here. Good shit!


Am I supposed to replace the entire character folders, or just the XXX.cmn.emz files? Because I did the later one, and Dan doesn’t seem to work.


Is there any reason Dan has no modifications?