Street Fighter IV Koryu - PC mod release thread


when you juggle into rose’s soul throw and Vega’s air grab, they do no damage (you wanted to know about glitches, right?). I also noticed that if you did Akumas LP air fireball as soon as possible during a jump, he will fall slowly to the ground afterwards.


Wish I had a comp that could run it, otherwise…Thank you Based Zeipher!


it’s stuck on the little loading bar in mediafire, can’t download for whatever reason? =/


Updated first post with 1.1 update information.

MRGAY, the download thing is probably because I was messing with the file at that moment. Sorry about that.


No problem, it’s still being funny, maybe needs to be uploaded and stuff. I’ll try in 15 minutes or so. Looking forward to it. B)



I love this game so much.

Ken is so gdlk looool


Ken needs more FLAMES, thousands of FLAMES! :smiley:


This mod’s certainly fun enough for shits and giggles, but at the same time, there’s a couple neat ideas in there that I almost wish were in unmodded SF4.

Not so much the crazy crap like Bison’s fastfalling headstomp and forward throw wallbounce (and the, er, 3-frame LK scissors), as it is more minute stuff like some of the liberalized juggle states (would be kinda nice to get at least a fierce reset or something off an FADC’ed Psycho Crusher…those added reps of j. MP, MP and the HP Psycho finisher off both hits are pretty sweet too) and the ability to do Psycho Crusher/Knee Press immediately following a throw (if only because the need to charge was completely removed, and thus the inability to charge back until the throw fully recovers becomes irrelevant). Kinda hope Street Fighter x Tekken takes a couple pages (or at least a few select passages) from SF4 Koryu’s book.

Rufus is REALLY retarded, though. Overhead double-speed divekick + ludicrously fast jump = Vega is STILL fucked. Completely-invincible-even-during-recovery flip means dick when you can’t ever escape. (Or mash out. Or dash out. Or jump out. NOTHING beats that divekick except eagle-eye Focus Attack, and good luck trying to space that against a guy who can cross the screen in 30 frames without teleporting.) And even in fucking Koryu, EX flipkick still doesn’t beat shit. Oh well, at least he’s not Dan.

P.S. Best mod ever. Rose vs. Dhalsim in Koryu = YES.


once I can figure out how to stream my pc games I will be streaming this, hopefully as soon as today


chun infinite from anywhere on screen (i think):

cr.fp xx mk hazanshu

loop that shit

just hold forward while you’re doing it and you won’t fall out of range


Ken has an Infinite that can be done by short hopping into a 3hit chain that ends with or j.hp, credits to Doopliss for letting me know.



it doesn’t look as fun as the rainbow edition(so far), but I’ll peep it.


Bug report:

  • Abel doesn’t get auto level 3 FA.
  • Abel’s throw and roll commands are reversed from everybody else’s. The 2 button ones, not his command ones.
  • Sakura can’t shorthop, she just dashes.

Suggestions for Sakura:

  • Make Sakura always throw giant fireballs (at full range).
  • Make her charged fireballs move slower and stay onscreen longer the more she charges.
  • Make her Shououken hit more times.
  • Make the opponent rapid spin after being launched by her EX Shunpukyaku
  • Make the Sakura Otoshi home in on the opponent.
  • If you can, make the EX Hadouken bigger. Like, halfscreen tall. If you can’t, make it as slow and lasting as her fully charged normal fireball by default, and if you charge it a bit, make it stay in one place for several seconds.


That would be amazing. Can’t wait.


C.Viper also has an infinite extremely similar to Ken’s, I’m going to assume Cammy can do this as well.



She does. “j.LK xx j.HP xx j.HP” and “j.LK xx j.HK xx j.HK xx Cannon Strike” are the best ones. Rufus can do it with his j.HK as well, and I guess Gen can also, with his j.HKx2 in crane. Probably Chun-Li with j.HP too. Seth has 34686538963869 different infinites.


I’m not taking any change suggestions anymore, I don’t want to piss people off by making 1.2 1.3 etc versions. 1.1 was just a final patch to fix the minor fixable bugs that remained.

I made Abel and Sakura different on purpose.

Yeah, the characters with aircombos should have some infinites because of it. Shorthop and Aircombos just can’t co-exist without making infinites possible, so I decided to just let it rock.

Good vids btw.


But is Dan supposed to be unchanged?


I really think it would be best to do at least one or two more versions. I mean really, Sakura SUCKS compared to most of the other characters I played. The whole point of Koryu is to make everyone as broken as possible and she’s virtually unchanged.


Try El Fuerte.

Btw, I really like what you did to Honda, I almost fell out of my chair when I first tried him.