Street Fighter IV Koryu - PC mod release thread


Ken has an Infinite that can be done by short hopping into a 3hit chain that ends with or j.hp, credits to Doopliss for letting me know.



it doesn’t look as fun as the rainbow edition(so far), but I’ll peep it.


Bug report:

  • Abel doesn’t get auto level 3 FA.
  • Abel’s throw and roll commands are reversed from everybody else’s. The 2 button ones, not his command ones.
  • Sakura can’t shorthop, she just dashes.

Suggestions for Sakura:

  • Make Sakura always throw giant fireballs (at full range).
  • Make her charged fireballs move slower and stay onscreen longer the more she charges.
  • Make her Shououken hit more times.
  • Make the opponent rapid spin after being launched by her EX Shunpukyaku
  • Make the Sakura Otoshi home in on the opponent.
  • If you can, make the EX Hadouken bigger. Like, halfscreen tall. If you can’t, make it as slow and lasting as her fully charged normal fireball by default, and if you charge it a bit, make it stay in one place for several seconds.


That would be amazing. Can’t wait.


C.Viper also has an infinite extremely similar to Ken’s, I’m going to assume Cammy can do this as well.



She does. “j.LK xx j.HP xx j.HP” and “j.LK xx j.HK xx j.HK xx Cannon Strike” are the best ones. Rufus can do it with his j.HK as well, and I guess Gen can also, with his j.HKx2 in crane. Probably Chun-Li with j.HP too. Seth has 34686538963869 different infinites.


I’m not taking any change suggestions anymore, I don’t want to piss people off by making 1.2 1.3 etc versions. 1.1 was just a final patch to fix the minor fixable bugs that remained.

I made Abel and Sakura different on purpose.

Yeah, the characters with aircombos should have some infinites because of it. Shorthop and Aircombos just can’t co-exist without making infinites possible, so I decided to just let it rock.

Good vids btw.


But is Dan supposed to be unchanged?


I really think it would be best to do at least one or two more versions. I mean really, Sakura SUCKS compared to most of the other characters I played. The whole point of Koryu is to make everyone as broken as possible and she’s virtually unchanged.


Try El Fuerte.

Btw, I really like what you did to Honda, I almost fell out of my chair when I first tried him.


I’m not sure why you expected the game to be balanced, everyone sucks compared to seth, and most suck compared to ryu and fei long. I actually think Blanka was better in vanilla sf4

sagat and guile do desperately need to be able to put more then on projectile on screen tho


I agree. Ken, Ryu, Fei, Bison, Seth, and a few others are very well done in the broken aspect, they are what I’d expect out of a Koryu mod (using SF2:Koryu for reference). However, there are some characters that just seem to be unchanged, or just overall lacking anything over the top such as Rose and a few others. Like, nothing will ever compare to Ken and Ryu’s EX shoryukens. I don’t want balance, not at all, I just expected every character to be over the top broken.

Amazing job regardless though, I’ve had around 3 hours of CPU matches with my Bison. Tooo good.

And really. I don’t think you’d piss anyone off with more amazing content. I know I wouldn’t mind some updates. :>


everyone should just have fireballs somehow, period. if sakura can shoot them out of her cooch, blanka can shoot them from his chest hair or something


Thanks man, and I also wouldn’t mind if you kept updating, I would like to see some more changes personally, but if you’re done with it then that’s cool too. And just to re-address what Doopliss and I have been asking, is Dan supposed to be the same as he was in SFIV?


Of course I don’t expect it to be balanced, but I expect everyone to be roughly as crazy as everyone else. Everyone should have most of their moves be laughably overpowered and Sakura, and apparently a few others, are quite lacking in that regard.


I was toying with the idea of making Dan ridiculously nerfed but he’s already nerfed compared to everyone else, so I just left him just as he is.

Sakura is kinda lame compared to everyone else, and I did have sakura shooting tonsa fireballs, but that made her toooooooo fuckin ridiculous, and her combos weren’t fun to do. So I just reset everything and made her regular ol’ sakura with juggles and an infinite dp+k move, as well as some supers that cause float.

Guile did have an air sonic boom, but I scrapped that because
A.) It made matches vs him unwinnable, opponent just gets stuck in hitstun/blockstun from fullscreen (same problem I had with fireballs sakura) and
B.) There was no limit to how many fireballs he could toss out which made the game crash eventually.

With Rose’s air fireballs, the j.HP has a slow enough animation that it can’t crash the game as easily.

7thHolyScripture, there’s literally nothing stopping you from making your own mod. There is absolutely tons of info on how shit works here:
as well as some tools that make what you’re asking for easy to do. I started this out with absolutely no programming knowledge.


I was considering making a video but just figured everyone would know that Seth is absolutely broken
HP sonic boom combos with MP tanden engine suck in (infinite)
HP Sonicboom combos with itself in the corner. (infiniite)
Hp Sonic boom combos with SPD
I am not sure how many unique infinites he has, could be fun to check.

Cammy can infinitely divekick.


Uh, yeah, that’s kind of the whole thing with seth.

(He’s meant to be broken.)

I might actually do some updates eventually but I wanna let it rock for a while before I do anything. It’s like, if people just see 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 over the course of a week or so, people are gonna just go “nahhh fuck it.”

The whole thing I’m going for here is, make it retarded in the spirit of koryu, but still keep it fun for creative combo people. I mean since nobody’s gonna take it all that seriously, might as well make it a good practice mode thing.


Job well done then!


Looking forward too it, messing around with these characters has been a blast so far.