Street Fighter IV Launch Party 2/12 in Los Angeles


SRK has ran out of invitations, if you wish to still try and go you can go visit for a shot. Thanks!

All invites have now gone out.


Hell Yeah!!! Email sent.

-Tha Hindu


ill b there


I’m already registered directly through capcom. :bgrin: Hope to see all you SRKers there. :tup:


Sent an email yesterday! Should be sick!


Just registered through capcom, I’ll see some of you goons there!


E-mailed last night :tup:


e-mailed this morning. Did anyone get a response back yet? Hope to see everyone there.


^i have yet to get a response, hoping for one soon =\


emailed, haven’t gotten a response yet either


The company I work for got 7-8 invitations, so I’ll be there :smiley:


email sent!..damn, can’t wait!


Got my email confirmation. Will be there. Seeing as how this is taking place near/in Little Tokyo, anybody wanna meet up earlier and grab some grub?


got my confirmation…now i just someone to spot me a ride to and back home :slight_smile:


Got my confirmation too, see everyone there. Think there will be an open bar & food?


I got you.

For a nominal fee.


Also curious if it is an open bar…


Also I am as well


Better bring the camera for this party.


hopefully they will have an open bar. :]
I think luka and myself are gonna be going with a few heads before to little tokyo for drinks and food. PM one of us if interested!