Street Fighter IV Launch Party Anyone?

i posted on the Mississauga thread 2009 about a possible tourny and i just read and i was thinking if we the SRK People can host a tourny it can really benefit the game, Plus the gaming community. if you read the link hopefully we can make a toruny when it launches.

any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, anything please let me know, if we cant get a launch we should try a toruny in March(when we get our damn TE sticks lol) to boost the community, cause lately im sick of the lack of Gaming in mississauga, Playdium sucks, the only games i play are ID4 and Guitar freaks, no fighting games at all cept tekken 4 -_-

so if anyone out there wants to help post on here, in a week if theres enough help ill further set up by making advertisements, and im gonna go every where to post them.

ps im hoping to make it for the mississauga/etobicoke/brampton area cause. Richmond hill is too far for some of us lol

Lack of gaming in Mississauga? For shame. :coffee:

well i rarely hear/see events posted for gaming, cept like Halo/COD tournys -_-

but i just want to try to make the gaming market better here, plus after 2010 we wont have playdium anymore

Your dedication is admirable, but we’ve been running tourneys for close to 8 years now, and there’s a few problems hosting tourneys in Mississauga. The biggest one being, no venue. It would be expensive and time consuming to find a hall to rent, and guaranteed the tournament director is going to end up paying money out of their own pocket.

The main reason all the tournaments are in Richmond Hill and Markham (and now Hamilton) is because there are arcades to hold them in. In Hamilton’s case it’s a gaming center. We don’t really have anything like that at all in Mississauga. If you really want to help out, raise hype for the POWNZ SFIV tourney coming up at the end of the month.

Also, there’s no reason this thread should have been posted outside of the Mississauga thread.

:rolleyes: Is this thread an accidental or intentional slap in my face? Just curious… :rolleyes:

well i feel if i post outside the mississauga thread ill get more people reading and maybe giving some ofthier input to help out, cause ill be honest, this would be my first toruny i wouldhost, but ive thought about this a lot through out the years, i just wanna try to get the locals and the non-hardcore gamers in these events to bring some excitement back, cause i remeber when playdium FIRST opened up, all the hype and fun it was to play all those games, its gone now.

i just want to see if the market isnt dead yet and i have faith that i could get people intrested not for just SF IV but other games as well, like i know we dont have as much people as LA or NY, but i want that atmosphere here, but i guess its just wishful thinking

If the Market was dead we wouldn’t be having Street Fighter IV… Thanks Capcom.

i ment the market here in mississauga lol

This calls for a G3 basement thread.

how many sf4 stations can we set up?

how rich are you?

how about, “how many people will have a copy of SF4 + a console they can bring?”


wtf they’re actually making an SF4?! now i’ve seen everything.

well ill bring my console, game and monitor(its not hd unfortunally lol) and it others will bring things we can make a successful launch

I almost forgot about this.

This thread is closed for two obvious reasons:

  1. Mississauga matchmaking and discussion has it’s own thread. It’s at the top of this section of SRK all the time because it’s saturated in posts and players.

  2. The “launch party” you’re suggesting was already created. By me. Four days ago.

In future, all PREPARATIONS for tournaments not actually set in stone should be conducted within the threads local to such event. When the details are worked out, a tournament thread be created. I’ll be happy to sticky that thread so it can get maximum exposure.

Xearodeath; this the second thread you’ve created in the last couple of days that really had no place in here. The stick thread you created (and I have subsequently deleted) was already created by Jay Wang weeks ago and has nearly 200 posts. This thread was created in spite of the fact you knew it should have been in Mississauga thread. You also couldn’t have missed the POWNZ tournament at the top of the page. In future, please be mindful of the other threads in the Canada section before creating a new one.