Street Fighter IV Match Videos: Top Players (+ 2009 US & World Champ Vids)


Heh, he know’s air? I’ve played that guy a few times, maybe I should ask him next time I see him. I’ve always been curious about lordaborigine.

Anyways just updated my youtube page with a couple new neurosis and TKD vids if anyone wants to check it out. Also included a video of how to get to one of the more popular arcades in shibuya and a brief look inside.


Any idea if this is gonna be streamed? Should be going down today if it is, and I would love to watch it.


That Blanka is just plain nuts. Nishiki is almost OCV’ing the Cyuubu Team as if it’s nothing.


Yeah he made it sound like they were friends irl so Air should know whats going on.


Here’s the vids from the Japanese Nationals 2010 that just happened a couple of nights ago.

SF4db has been uploading throughout the year, but not as consistently as Lord. Thankfully someone came through with some vids.


Either some of the matches are missing, or the tournament was run on different rules because some guys didn’t get any play.

Really great matches though. TKD is probably my player of the moment. His Fuerte is S tier.

[edit] Actually, it’s a tough call between him and M Jyou.


Recent TRF:


I’m beginning the uploading of SF4 videos High Definition, I have begun with the FT5

alioune vs daigo
alioune vs eita
alioune vs fuudo
eita vs ryan hart



LordAborigineSF4 is back!!! He’ll uploading again soon.

He was on vacation and he didn’t have the internetz. Thank God, I need my fix yo!


Hell…its about time.


Videos HD WC 2K10 team sf4 2vs2:

Prodigal Pachi (Kenpachi/Ryan Hart) vs Japan II (DesoraFuudo)
Calaboration FZ (Zade/F Word) vs aAa (Yamazaki93/Lord DVD)
Japan II (DesoraFuudo) vs Team espoir (Evans/Renegad)
Japan (Eita/Daigo) vs True Top Tiers (Kurosaki/RickyTTT)
Asian Invasion (Jin/Luffy) vs Japan (Eita/Daigo)
aAa (Yamazaki93/Lord DVD) vs Team Espoir (Evans/Renegad)
aAa (Yamazaki93/Lord DVD) vs Japan (Eita/Daigo)



Here’s an awesome set of exhibition and casual matches that happened at last month’s NSB:

Yazu [GU] (only GM Guile?) vs Kuma [DIC], TUC [DIC] and Tsukiji [DIC]

Eita [AK] vs Iyo [DH]

Casual matches (over an hours worth) featuring Nemo (new card), Nishikin, Shizuoka Saikyo, TUC, TKD, Shiro, Mago, Momochi, Zangitan, Tokido, Shiro and more…

Nemo seems to have switched up into lightning legs combos. I don’t know if this is common among Chun Li players, but I saw him do legs into cr.hp into SBK a coupla times.


how do you watch videos on nicovideo?? i can’t seem to find a play button or something :(.


Put the links in then click watch.


This is all crap, and not true.Beating Cammy with Abel is almost impossible, and the matchup difficulties are all wrong.Akuma will get pwnd anytime by Blanka And Honda, Seth and Dhalsim as well, dure to their low health.Abel will lose anytime to Zangief, and so on.


Somebody have inputs for legs into crounch HP?


Justin Wong plays Abel, Sweeeeet





awesome hadouken theme song!!