Street Fighter IV PC LAN Feature?

Does SFIV on PC have a LAN feature?

I have it on my PC and after browsing through the options… ive found no LAN feature … which is pretty disappointing.

Does anyone know for sure if it supports LAN or not?

Maybe they didn’t include it to hinder piracy, like SC 2 seems to be doing.

It’s the same game that came out for X360, nothing is new besides the System Settings.

This is probably the case …

No LAN in SC2 is such a huge disappointment…

Those jerks… Yeah its probably to hinder piracy… But cmon… bleh

hmm, i was wondering the same thing…maybe Capcaom will release a patch for it.

Out of curiosity, how does including LAN capabilities make it easier to pirate the game?

you can use a program like hamachi to play on a virtual lan with someone else with a pirated copy. there are probably other ways too but that’s the main one i can think of

Hamachi wouldn’t work if the game itself don’t support lan play…

LAN can be used for internet play with friends, which doesn’t require a correct cd-key and so on.

If they included LAN you wouldn’t have to play on Live. You don’t need it to play with other people on the same room because it only requires one display. I can undertand why it’s not included. :tup:

just gotta wait for the arcade emulator :). Yes, This is the exact same game as the Xbox 360, but with higher resolution :(. There goes my hope for arcade graphics…

i realize that and was answering why the exclusion of lan play was part of the anti piracy measure

sorry for not being more clear :confused:

Yeah, they foiled my plans big time. :sweat:

why would you need lan when its a beat em up and you both can use the single screen,

use 2 pads or preferably 2 arcade sticks.

So is this game already out? Capcom are still saying it’s July 7th, and they haven’t shipped my copy yet, last time I order direct, seems it’s faster through regular channels.

No LAN is dissapointing…wanted to play against my brother without having to be in the same room as him, i’ll just have to live with it I guess…wonder if this game will support PC LIVE vs 360 LIVE, that would be cool, means more challenges online.

No, most everyone has already pirated it, though.

finally someone with some common sense!

Well apparently you and horsedick (…) have never heard of Hamachi which allows you to play with people over a Virtual LAN network…

In other words… You could play with someone who was not local without needing to use the Windows LIVE service and possibly get a better connection.

Not that LAN wouldn’t just be nice to have anyway.

but its just like right? u need a valid key to play online, so pirating only allows offline play, no?

There might be a way to play lan in the same way GTA4 had to be tweaked. But I think someone already that it will only work if SF4 had lan itself.