Street fighter iv: PSN vs XBL experience comparison

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What are your experiences with playing SFIV online on the two different networks?

I’ve heard that XBL has more skilled players and has less lag.

Without even commenting on which has more skilled players I’ll say for certain in my experience there is less lag and it’s easier to find a game on XBL. With fight request I can’t get past the first fight on Xbox and on PSN I can usually beat arcade mode and never see anyone.

Both systems are connected exactly the same mind you.

by less lag, do you mean that there are more players with 4-5 bars, or that even with 4-5 bars, it is laggy on psn?

also, could the lag issue be attributed to that more people are on wireless with PS3 since it has wifi capability?

Yes, I run into more players with 4-5 bars on XBL and when I do get 4-5 on PSN(not very often) I’m lucky if it runs smooth. Don’t want to sound like I’m hater of playstation by the way. Love me some Uncharted 2 and I never get lag on that.

I think it might also have to do with the fact that the player base on xbl is much bigger, and PSN sucks

i recently just got an xbox like last week, and ive been playing on the ps3 for the past few months. PS3 definitely has more laggy games than xbox. Xbox is turning out to be a lot better in my opinion. Plus everyone i knew that played this game had it on xbox lol

as for skill… ive been blowing through people in champ mode

live is much better i play in uk and around europe and the game is pretty much flawless. not bashing on psn u can still find ggs but the experience is totally different and i guess you do pay for live.

both suck get pc son

lol @ PC. I own all three. PC is the worst because teh range of systems running the game can vary ridiculously. I’ve played games on PC where you play slower then the slo mo replay. It’s ridiculous.

Xbox Live is far superior to PSN. PSN seems to have a smaller playerbase and it’s tough to get a 4 or 5 bar match. I own a TE for PS3 and Xbox and I pretty much wasted my money on the PS3 one, speaking of which I should probably sell it since I never freaking use that thing.

It’s down to how many scrubs you want to play against. 360 you get prime scrubland, instant scrub availability. PS3 you get less frequent scrubs, because scubs are retarded and love spending lots of money on shitty hardware that fails because it has more marketing money behind it. PC you get the ever-so-lovely Euroscrubs.


Doesn’t matter how many less scrubs you encounter on PS3 if you can’t actually play the game because of lag.

XBL is far superior

i own sf4 on both consoles.

xbl is lightyears ahead of psn is as far as lag, connection, and number of opponents on. i have played on psn probably 10% as much as I have on xbl, and gotten ragequitted on more on ps3.

I own the game on all three platforms. I get very irritated on how long it takes to find games on the PSN, even in G2 where I assume most of the player base is right now. On XBL I’m in G1 and I never have to wait for a match much longer than 1 minute and that’s in the more extreme cases. Every so often you have to settle for a 3 bar match, but most are 4-5. I’m in the NYC/Philly area.

I found the level of play to be a lot higher on XBL too, I can see where the whole “online is nothing but wake up DP” joke comes from, but I really don’t see that anymore in G1.

I’ve concluded the main reason the PSN tends to be very laggy even when you have 4-5 bar connection is because the PS3 has built-in wireless. Pretty much everyone who has their PS3 online is doing it over a wireless connection and it doesn’t matter how many bars you have, if someone is on WiFi your game is going to suck.

um… last few times i got on xbox live i have seen very few ryu, sagat, akuma and ken. in fact i fought 3 sakura’s in a row, then a cammy, then a fei twas crazy to have 5 fights in a row with no ryu presence.

I get nights of wonderful character variety too. It’s cruel trick of fate that makes it hurt that much harder when it comes back around to 5 Ryus in a row followed by a Sagat who doesn’t even know anything besides low TS, f.rh, and TU.

As far as lag, the PC version has been the most unstable, hands down. I’m actually quite sure that a 4-bar is going to stay a 4-bar when i play it on the PS3, but on the PC the connection meter can – and happily will – show anything as anything. Oh look, 5-bar… from France, where i have a minimum 120 ping. Check back another time, it’s red.

The worst you have to deal with in general with the PS3 is that they’re using wireless to play. With the PC version, you have that same possibility coupled with the fact that most probably don’t have their ports forwarded right because they can’t simply DMZ the fucker like they can with the consoles. And this is surprisingly likely – the vast majority seem to have absolutely NO idea how the internet works. At all. 2,000 miles away? “DERP, I DIDNT FEEL LAG, SO DERE WANT NONE”. Connection bar staying red? Don’t let that stop you from readying up! YEAH! Let’s play! It’s slower to find a game on the PS3, but on the PC most of the connections are complete garbage or soon turn out to be only after you’ve started the match.

I can not stand SF4 online play on PS3.
I don’t care about lag once in a while, shit happens. BUT EVERY GAME? It’s a little ridiculous that I have a 4 bar connection connected via ethernet cable and I can’t get a decent game.
But on XBL, I always get matches almost instantly. Lag isn’t a problem because it’s once in a blue.


i guess its less laggy because there are more players on the 360 compared to the ps3 in america.over in asia,its quite the opposite,almost all of the console players from singapore,korea and japan play on the ps3.i just cannot find a 4 bar match on the 360.psn is helluva lot smoother simply because of the fact that there are more players on the ps3.this is the asian scenario.

The exact same thing

Another psn vs xbox fanwar with subjective toughts.
I also had both systems and i dont seem to get lag on psn or xbox.