Street Fighter IV Release Part + My Bday

Its gonna be in Los Angeles on my bday, at a location to be released later. The event is at 8pm.

sign up there and for the city put Shoryuken, CA so you can be added to the guest list.

See you all there!

Done and done. :woot:

werd, this is a good bday treat to me as well. EYE <3 Joey Cuellar!

Done. Though like a dumbass i put Shoryuken, La at first. i just logged in again and set it as Shoryuken , CA :smiley:

See you there :3

Oh, snap–SHIRTS!?

this is sweet

A Que Hora?

ooooo shit, MTV’s sweet 16teen aint got shit on this

sixteenteen AND SHORTS

sounds pretty awesome, just signed up. thanks for the heads up!

how do we get confirmation

yeah so I signed up and used shoryuken, ca. But how do I know if it worked?

in there like swimwear
im taking the new challengers to the top!

just got my confirmation :smiley:

got mine too.

Same. Cant wait for this CrAzyyyyy party.
Edit : Are all invites closed to be put on the guest list? My ride cannot access the link to the site to register and sign up. Can i bring a guest with me or is it strictly invite only? if so i might not be able to make it because of that :frowning:

Will STHD have more characters than just Ryu/Ken?


id like to know about the RSVP thing too. Is it +1?

it is not +1, it is list only.

i dont know if registrations are still being taken.

i’m there!