Street Fighter IV Renders/Transperencies


Ok, i’ll make things more simpler and make one thread for all my renders. I’ll also make previews so it won’t take a million years to load this page.

Click on the image for the full resolution






theres only ONE picture of KEN and TWO of CAMMY.


jk these are awesome! :tup:



I will put these to good use, thanks a bunch man



Wow, amazing work, and even more great stuff on the site. I had to google for it, you might want to link to it in your post.

Now, to just wait patiently and hope you end up doing the character I want, hehe.


Thanks guys, i’ll work on some more and will get them up very soon :slight_smile:


Please post render series 2 if you can :smiley:


Great work, Huy-n. I render some things too, but those are great effects extractions.


Thanks, I can’t believe I completely forgot about gamerenders…


Wow these are great. Has anybody seen a SF4 render of Akuma in his “Shun Goku Satsu” stance with the red kanji on his back?


I tried joining gamerenders but I haven’t got a confirmation email. And it’s been, at least 8 hours now since I registered. And no I didn’t use a hotmail account email address or anything, it is my usual ISP one but no email so no browsing the forums for me :frowning:


Gamerenders is currently undergoing an upgrade, so there may be complications. I’m sure it will work.

I’ll upload balrog and sagat up very soon.


Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks alot!


How did you do the transparencies?


Photoshop :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments guys. Hope these can be used in some good designs.


Is it me or does Balrog have a slight border around his? Was the original picture the one with a grey box around it?

Still, good shit! Loving the transparent stuff. Will nag a friend to make a forum theme from some of this.


Yeah, it does.


Yea, sorry about that border, didn’t notice it until i just posted it.



Just for that, you’re getting negged, 09…

JK, we still love ya!