Street Fighter IV SE FightSticks Available on MadCatz Website!


For those of you trying to track down a stick. Here you go:


XBOX 360:


Yes. You are the god of f5. Thank you


Tried to connect to store and it just hung. :sad:


Madcatz also has some PS3 fightpads on there if it matters


Has anyone successfully ordered? Maybe, it’s just me.


the website froze for me when it was time to review my information, so I just gave up


well that didn’t last a day…they’re poof GONE!!!..


Placed an order for PS3 version, hope everything works out. This one looks easier to mod bc I destroyed a Hori FS3 a few weeks ago.


awwww Just found out they don’t ship outside of USA…


Anyone know where else you could find this stick, because I’d rather buy this with the art than to just buy a arcade stick and mod it, and the art is pretty good looking.


I bought mine from a gamestop yesterday. I was totally suprised. It was there for 2 days.


my gamestop told me to keep checkin in if they have any…nearest gs is like 5 miles. They only had ps3 ones :O. I own a 360. I really don’t want to buy off ebay or amazon. I can save the rest of that money for parts.


the 360 version still says “add to cart”


My gstop got 2 SE’s in and I got the TE they got in 2 weeks ago. Seems like a slow supply is steadily coming in to physical stores.