Street Fighter IV, SSBB Tourny - Sacaremento, CA 10/24/09

**Street Fighter 4 Tournament (PS3) & Super Smash Bros Brawl **

The When and Where

  • October 24th Saturday
  • Metropolis Comix
    8241 Bruceville Road, Suite 160
    Sacramento, CA 95823
    (Inbetween Gamestop and L.A. Boxing)
    -SSBB Check in 5:30pm Starts at 6pm
    -Street Fighter IV Check in 7:30pm Starts at 8pm

-Fee 15 dollars
-FOOD IS PROVIDED (Pizza, chips, etc.)
-Bring own sticks/controllers

Prizes for each Tourny
1st place - Custom made Champion t-shirt
Prize money of 70% of pot
Free slot for next tourny
2nd place - Prize money of 20%
Free slot for next tourny
3rd place - Prize money of 10%
Super Smash Bros Brawl Rules**
-Double Elimination (Lose to 2 people) 1v1 Melee
-3 Stock 5 mins
-1 Match equals one elimination
-No items exception Dedede
-Stages Chosen by host
-Sudden Death Doesn’t decide draws

Street Fighter IV Rules

  • Double Elimination
  • Winner and Loser brackets
  • Best of 3 matches (Must win twice to advance)
    Best of 5 matches for semi finals
    Best of 7 matches for finals
  • Rounds 3 & Time limit 99

Devin (916) 684-3826
Metropolis Comix (Chris) (916) 689-2009

you forgot to list how much of the $15 entry is going into the sf4 top 3

i see brawl is 50/20/10. so $3 is the venue fee?

generally i see breakdown more like $15 entry. $3 goes to venue, $12 goes to pot which breaks down to be 70/20/10 after venue cut…but your the host, so breakdown can be whatever you want, as long as it’s made clear for the participants.

looking forward to another sac tourney tho.

-FOOD IS PROVIDED (Pizza, chips, etc.)

FUCK YES. I guess people who aren’t going to the SFSU tournament that day can go here instead.

hmmm…i’m almost tempted to skip the sfsu tourney for this instead despite the long drive. will a lot of people show up for this is the question however…

I’ll go to this instead of SFSU. SFSU with 1 setup and potentially 1/1 double elimination? No thanks.

too true.

I am down to go but hmm 15$ does seem a little to high for a tournament fee

Last time someone set up at Metropolis it was 5 venue fee and 3 for pot. Quite a bit of people showed up like 30-40. Problem is 1st place won like 40 bucks only cuz 3 dollar pot. Hella people complained so I uped it for mine. There is still 2 weeks left. If more people are insterested in this tourny I’ll change the price.

If you enter both, is it still $15 per game? Also, $15 may make the tourney cost prohibitive for people.

I’m tempted as fuck to go. Been busy with other things, so I wasn’t going to attempt to do anything with Chris this month, so glad you picked it up Devin! Once I shake off this flu I’ll get around to practicing for SFIV again. Not sure if I’m going to my friends party or this…choices :chat:

Are beverages also included?

way to expensive

@Som @kyo2k9 Evo is 20 bucks and its in vegas. Be my guest and go to SFUS. You gotta pay to go over bay bridge for 5 bucks and still gotta find parking or hit hella traffic on I-80 and spend money on gas. The sf city most likely gotta pay for parking at least 9 bucks an hour. Lived there so I kno wassup.

@SaikyoStudent Yes beverages will be provided.

@vanAZNion13 5 dollars is still venue. 10 dollar pot.

@shiryu22 25 dollars total.

little confused…

so, $10 entry per tourney, $5 venue per tourney

50/20/10. and the 20% left goes into the champion t-shirt for 1st place?

Scratch it. Ill fix the flier and change info. All 10 bucks is for pot. Champ T-shirt I’ll jus need to take 15 bucks out from each pot. Rest is for players. This time around I’m jus trying to get alot of people to go like last time. Honestly from my view I jus wanna play some good people.

Any chance of adding MVC2???

This one no cuz the tourny is next week already. Ideas for next tourny I already have in mind with SFIV - Soul Calibur 4, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, BlazBlue, Tekken 6, etc. Ill discuss at tourny and ask around.

how about some mkdc?? :smile: anyways, if the turnout of players can be at least 30+ most of the reno people can go.

So pot is basically 10 dollars from each player - 15 dollars for the shirt?

Why not take the 15 dollars out of the venue fee? 5 dollars a person for venue is a lot for a local tourney. Is all the money for venue going to the owner of establishment?

Or do you mean:

tourney is now
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

minus 15 dollars of total cash going to venue?

The whole 15 dollars, 10 to pot/5 to venue/20% AGAIN to venue is pretty amazing. I’m definitely skipping this tournament if this is the case.

Because I don’t see where the other 20% is going since it’s a 50/20/10 split.