Street Fighter IV Summer Shoruyken - Bakersfield, Ca - 8/1/09

Skyworld of Bakersfield will be the venue for our first - and hopefully not last - live gaming tournament! Taking place on August 1st, 2009, the game featured in this tournament will be Street Fighter IV and will be streamed LIVE over the internet.

The prizes are as follows:

1st place: $300.00 cold hard cash
2nd place: $100.00 gift certificate to Skyworld
3rd place: $50.00 gift certificate to Skyworld

All participants will get a free shirt when they register, to commemorate this huge event.


This will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION tournament. All contestants will start in the upper bracket, then as contestants lose they will be moved to the lower bracket. All games will be conducted under supervision of a Skyworld employee. Any cheating (i.e., use of turbo buttons) will result in a double loss, thus ejecting the player out of the tournament. Games will be played 3 at a time, until the quarter-finals of each bracket. For the quarter-final, semi-final, and final matches, games will be played one at a time.

Spectators are always welcome to tournaments, however interfering with tournament play is not. Any spectator who is caught heckling, distracting, or causing trouble in any way will be asked to leave the premises. As with any tournament, all contestants are required to show good sportsmanship. Any taunting or heckling from a contestant will result in a warning, then an ejection from the tournament. There is no fee for watching the tournament.

Players may submit for entry via Skyworld, 3790 Ming Ave Bakersfield, CA 93309 (next to Toys ?R? Us), or online at The registration fee is $15.00 per player. If you enter online, your payment will be due the day of the tournament. No payment means no entry into the tournament.


Refunds will be offered if a player wishing to back out up to 24 hours before the tournament date. No refunds will be given in the 24 hours before the tournament. If you own a 360 arcade stick, please contact Chris immediately. This tournament will be arcade stick only, so both 360 and PS3 players will all be able to play together.


Day Of The Tournament:
Contestants will need to start showing up at 11:00am to check in. After a contestant has checked in, they will be able to practice only with a computer or non-contestant player while they wait.

1:50pm, the last check-in call will be made.
1:55pm is the cut off time for check-ins. After 1:55pm, anyone not checked in will be eliminated from the bracket.
2:00pm, the tournament will begin. Any contestant not present when his/her name is called for their match will be disqualified.

Contestants will be given 30 seconds to respond to a match call. At the conclusion of the tournament, all prizes will be given in full to the winners. Should a winner refuse a prize, next contestant down will be offered the prize.

This event will be streamed live via ustream on UUDD?s main front page. A direct link can be found here:

The rules will be reviewed on the day of the tournament. If you have any questions, contact Chris Guillen at (661) 213-8150, or e-mail Chris directly at here, or online at (find user: The Twilight Storm)

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how many players are allowed to enter?

There is no limit to the amount of players that can enter. The more, the merrier! :slight_smile:

Hm, not to far away. This looks like fun :wink:

Notice for anyone who wants to watch this streamed, we are going to delay it until the next day for editing and time zone reasons. We want anyone anywhere to watch this. The person in charge of the streaming is going to make this look extremely purddy. :wink:

if this is anything like the skyworld in fresno it is going to suck. Not only are the tournaments ran poorly but I won first at a skyworld Mortal Kombat vs DC tournament and the prize was “an xbox 360” but they decided to change it to “100 dollars” cause no enough people showed up. So then after the tournament they say come back tomorow for your prize, i come back and they say it was 80 dollars cash 20 dollar gift card and said sorry we dont have it ready come back tomorow, so i go back tomorow again and the guy says it was 60 dollars cash and 40 dollar gift card and finally had to take it after a long argument. Then after 1 month the store closes down…i now have 40 dollars worth of useless gift cards. I hope the bakesfield one is nothing like the fresno skyworld.

No it’s not. Number one, I’M running the tournament. I will pay for the prizes with my own money if I have to. Second, Skyworld is our venue. UUDDLRLRBA is the host.

I don’t like the prize structure, it looks as if you’re trying to make a buck. First is the $300 bucks, notice how you say “cold hard cash” as if trying to make it more appealing, but somehow I feel like you think this is enough to pull dozens of broke jobless gamers, let me tell you something, ain’t no one drooling over 300 bucks. Second and third place are terrible, gift certificates to your own place? If you are trying to improve traffic to your place, you wont get it by “forcing people” with gift cards, if you are spending your own money(doubt it) to buy the gift cards why not just give the cash?

Better yet why not just give the 70/20/10 percent of the pot like every tournament does? and if you want to guarantee 300 bucks to the top place out of your own money, you can do that and just add the difference out of your pocket at the end. You can even ask for a venue fee maybe $5 bucks and $10 to enter the tourney.

Reading the rules, the guaranteed “cold hard cash”, the gift cards, etc just makes this seem sort of shady, I really hope you will give out 300 dollars if only 12 people show up, but it seems to me like someone is trying to make a quick buck or two while also running this.

15 people @ $15 each = $ 225
30 people @ $15 each = $ 450
50 people @ $15 each = $ 750

I might be totally wrong about you and I apologize, I’m just expressing my concerns.

Well, I don’t work there, and I figured that if we have a tangible number to work with people won’t think they’re just playing for a few bucks. I work in insurance, and make enough money to satisfy myself. The GC’s were the owner’s idea, and that’s the way we compromised. I wanted to do it at an actual arcade and have it be split, but I couldn’t do that. The owner of Skyworld thought it would be better to have a number people can rely on. If you think we’re shady then that’s fine. However you might want take into consideration we are streaming this LIVE, and I’m pretty sure if we were as shady as you say we wouldn’t announce it to the internet through a stream. Money made is going to go to all the equipment we’ve purchased for the streaming, in addition to the other materials we’ve gotten just for this tournament. If I would have known promising a certain amount of money would cause people to think we’re scamming them I would have stayed my ground with the original 70/20/10 I was going to have.

Fresno skyworlds sucks ass. Im really considering of coming down and bringing some fresno people, but the second and third place prize worry me because if one of us get second or third. How the hell are we gonna use it with no skyworld in fresno anymore? But i do like the free t-shirt idea. But yeah, i would like to see 70/20/10 IF EVER made possible. I know the korean guy (owner of all skyworlds?) is always giving out free giftcards by any means. I can just ask him for one and he would just give me a 5$ giftcard, that simple.

edit: since our skyworld is “remodeling” could we use our giftcards to your guy’s skyworld? I have about 30 bucks worth of gift cards

Yeah I’m pretty sure you could. If this tournament goes really well, I’m going to do Event Coordination for that Skyworld and make the next tournament straight up 70/20/10. It’s the most popular format, I don’t know why he didn’t do that, but whatever. Depending on how well this tournament goes is dependant on if I can convince him to go that prize format in the next one. Also, having people tell him “Next time I like the 70/20/10 format instead” will help my cause. :slight_smile:

Well you’re not really streaming anything “LIVE” since you are waiting until the next day to have the stream available, it’s not really live now is it? It would be easier to just post the videos on youtube the next day, the only reason people watch streams is because they’re “LIVE” and because they care.

Which brings me to my next question, why are you purchasing equipment? specially if you can’t even stream it live? and why do you expect the profits from competitor’s entry fees should pay for it?

Also you say that Skyworld is just the venue and konami code is running it, but from your reply it sounds like owner of skyworld has a significant grasp on what and how you’ll be running things. In my opinion you should change it to 70/20/10 instead of having all the extra money pay for t-shirts(i would never wear a skyworld t-shirt), gift cards and next day “live” streaming equipment, whatever that might be.

We’re considering Stickam to stream, since we want all 3 stations streaming at the same time. We were unaware of this when I posted that, so I thought we would have to settle for an edit then a stream. We’re still working it out, but I am determined to make it streamed that day.

Also, the owner of Skyworld wanted it to be like that, and I didn’t want to lose the venue so I agreed. Bakersfield kinda sucks, and so a lot of places I asked weren’t interested. Skyworld was the only location that wanted to do it, and it’s big enough for what I want. Why the hate man? I was told this place was cool.

I’m not hating, I haven’t condemn you for anything, if I was I wouldn’t be typing so much and instead just troll you out. anyways best of luck and I hope everything runs smoothly, who knows maybe I’ll show up too.

hey i have some skyworld gift cards as well, could i use them to enter the tournament?

I don’t think you can use them to enter the tournament, but you can use them for time over there, along with food and drinks.

How much is a bag of chips and a drink there?

Cause if I win that second place you can bet I’ll be spending that gift card on the spot on drinks and chips to take with me to that other tournament.

I sent a PM to the tournament organizer hoping to ask him/her about coverage for Get Your Tournament. Hopefully I get some sort of response or else I’ll just skip out.


aight I talked to someone at skyworld so it’s all good

Got your call while I was in the car. :slight_smile:

We’re live from the tournament now. Stream and live chat. Yea!