Street Fighter IV Target exclusive comic

Hey People,

have someone read the Street Fighter IV Target exclusive comic, yet?

How is it? Do you have any pictures? Is there a story to go in line with the regular Udon comic?


I’ve asked this too with no success. Seems like I’ve gota go out and…buy the game again…?! ha, right.

I really wish this comic was more available than a pre order from target, can’t find any on ebay. :confused:

Udon, please, tell us something about this comic!!!

Called my target today, none left(which figures at this point), still no ebay luck either, more information would be appreciated as well.

As far as I was told, the Target comic is PACKED INSIDE the SF4 games that is sold at Target stores. I did not know if it is actually a pre-order incentive or not, as we do not have Targets in Canada at all.

Good luck hunting!

this is the the first I hear of this. I must see if I can find this.

So can you please tell us what about is that comic? What is happening there? Does the story goes in line with the main SFII Turbo story? Will you re-publish it in any other way, so fans can read it?

Thanks in advance!


Have just read the comic. The art is great, as always, but there is almost no story. It is cool for me as a collector to have the issue, but storywise, if you’ve never read it - you’ve not missed anything.