Street Fighter IV TE FightStick - SDCC Edition [Sagat]

Hello everyone! I bought this stick new at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con in the hopes of using it to play my fighting games (and get better with sticks in the process!), but things always change. I opened the box to view contents, have it stored in my room, mint condition and NEVER played. Due to an unexpected family emergency, I’ll be letting this go to a buyer who will put it to better use than I can. My question is: What’s the going price for these nowadays? I might as well keep it if it’s only going for lowball prices, right? Please, let me know any thoughts or questions you have on this…and I’ll proceed from there! Thanks!

[Pics coming soon]

A typical te goes for around 180 but since this is a special edition maybe sell it for around 200. Maybe less.

Given that it was a limited edition, and the 360 version you should at least be able to what you paid for it. If it’s been stored for a long time like you said, I would at least connect it first, just to make sure it works (you never know).

Anyway, if it still works, and it’s as mint as you say, you should easily get 180 from someone who appreciates it.

Thanks for the honest advice, guys. It is much appreciated. Tested it out last night, and it is in perfect working order. The only thing I forgot to mention is that it is for the PS3.

BTW, I’m in Southern California (Inland Empire - San Bernardino). I would prefer any potential buyers to do local pick-up (CraigsList), but if there are any takers interested here, PM me and we can talk.

That stick is worth a lot more than that. I’ve seen em go for 300 or more. They were really limited and only available at that comic con.

Yeah. They usually range from 230-300. Definitely nothing less than 230.

Yeah, I also remember seeing them go for at least $275-300 within the first week that they came out. Question now is, anyone interested in giving this one a new home? :slight_smile:

Wrong forum. Also you don’t meet the required posts to sell on SRK.