Street Fighter IV: TE Stick Lost Cause?

My friend got onto the Street Fighter IV bandwagon a little late and only found out about the TE sticks recently, but at this point it seems like those babies are sold out left and right. To add to the problem, we’re Canadian residence so we don’t even know if there are any places that even have the stick.

Is there even remotely a shred of hope or even a slight chance that we’d be able to get our hands on the TE stick at this point, or is it pretty much a lost cause?

Also, are the TE sticks limited, or can we expect more after the release date?

Limited,yes,but they are making more as we speak. Just keep checking sites for pre order opportunities,though you won’t get it till March. VGC is still taking pre orders but who knows if they will be able to fill them.

Yeah it’s a TE not an LE. There’s going to be another batch after the initial release. I don’t think it’s been said how much longer you’ll have to wait, but there are more comming.

Go to EB and pre-order…you might still be able to since they opened pre-orders on the 20th.

^^ what he said…

I’ve already got a pre-order for the SE and the TE edition from EB games in Toronto, I might not end up wanting to buy those sticks, so if you have trouble getting a pre-order, give me a shout later

^ You just gave my friend a shred of hope right there. He just rushed off to bed so that he could wake up early to go to EB games and pre-order it tomorrow, lol! Keep your fingers crossed for him I guess… =P

I’ll keep your offer in mind. Really appreciate it, thanks!

I checked the gamestop/ebgames and they’ve got nothing on the TE.

I called up a local (Long Beach, CA) Best Buy and Gamestop and they weren’t taking pre-orders.

I’d like to know for certain if Gamestop will be getting some TEs in store, not just online. Some say yes, some say no. I guess we’ll find out for sure as it gets closer to Feb 17th.

Abe- Hes from Cananda, and if I follow correctly, Canada’s still open, while US’s still closed.

If i were you, i would watch this thread- sometime they will mention new sites taking preorders. I doubt they will sell on the shelves as many will be given under reserves via preodering. your best chance is preorder. markman already say its limited.

Should still have some in stock

You should call your local EB before you go. I called the EB closest to my house and they already stopped preorders on the TE fightstick. My friend is a manager at the EB at square one, and he told me that they were still taking preorders for it. I left there ASAP lol. The funny thing is that they weren’t taking preorders for the normal fightstick anymore, but only the TE one.

I wonder about that site though. One time I ordered something and only after I clicked on my “bogus” tracking number, and calling to find out what was going on did they tell me that what I want was on back order.

I’m not saying that this place isn’t reputable (they canceled my order without a hitch), but I question the reliability of their web info vs. their stock.

yeah, the gamestop near me was still taking TE orders a few days ago. Not sure if they are taking them for Feb or March.

In the Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR area, all stores are sold out of pre-orders as of a week ago or more.

I have a deal alert set up at to hit me when anything related to xbox or xbox 360 hits there. 2 days ago, Best Buy opened up pre-orders for the TE again, and i got in on it.

I hit up S-Kill to find out if he had access to info about the sticks limited production status:

Ok, I checked with my local gamestop and they informed me, no they aren’t taking anymore pre-orders but the Store Manager stated that he’s expecting quite a bit more for shelf-stock. The SKU is in their system as backorder but last week the SKU wasn’t listed at all (well, just the pre-order stock was on there)

GameCrazy is still taking preorders so hurry up i dont no when there going to stop check now if you really want em

Guys, he’s Canadian. His only option is EB Games. Canada does not have Gamestop, GameCrazy, etc., and Amazon/Best Buy Canada do not have the stick at all.

My friend just pre-ordered Street Fighter + the TE Stick this morning at Eatons Centre. You can try there. I got mine at Scarborough Town on the 21st.

Looks like i’m also fucked. I totally forgot to preorder it.

Hey Phoenix Reborn, I am also from Richmond Hill, good shit. You can still preorder at EB. If you are willing to pay a bit of a premium I believe Gameworks on yonge and 16th will be carrying them (i assume you know where that is). Your best bet is to just preorder it at EB, may get it a bit after release which may or may not be such a big deal to you (if you have an older stick etc…)

My local game crazy is still taking pre orders. Im picking one up for me and my brother.

My friend is a manager at EB at square one, and he told me at first they were getting the sticks after the release of SFIV, but now they are getting it on the day of. Hopefully he is right.