Street fighter IV TE Stick stopped responding

I was playing sf4, and I turned off my xbox to go take care of something. When I turned it back on, my stick stopped responding entirely. It won’t power on when connected to both my xbox and my pc. The xbox was off for all of 5 minutes and nothing even came near it.

What exactly can I do to fix this, short of just sending it back?

Unless you are experienced with modding, you should probably send it back. Check your reciept/warrantee polices to see if it is covered. I’m 90% positive you should be able to recieve a replacement.

It sounds like something went a miss with the pcb. It could have shorted it out or burnt something or whatever. If you don’t want to void your warrentee, just send it back. Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile:

Well the stick seems to be randomly working again, but I’m still gonna get it replaced. Thanks anyway.