Street Fighter IV tournament Edition Fightstick problem


I got this fightstick from a friend. He has multiple, and said that this one in particular only worked once for him.
So i got it home and immediately broke out the multi-drivers. the only thing i could find that looked damaged in any way was this piece… I’m not even sure what to call it.
There’s a small bit of discoloration along some of the solder lines. i’m not sure if that means this is the problem piece or not, but it seems like the best bet to me.
What i’d like help with is does anyone know What this part is, Or where i could get a replacement for it?


That’s the pcb or brains. Buy one used here in the trading forum or get a new pcb like the ps360+ or something


What system(s) do you want to use it on?


i can’t see the images past the thumbnails. if i had to guess the discoloration might’ve been caused by fluids leaking into the control panel. sometimes sweat or tap water type of fluids can leave behind residues that cause shorts. try cleaning it away with some alcohol and a cotton swab.


Stop using the thumbnails and use a site like IMGUR instead.


This links should work:

But still:
Hard to see anything useful - the images are way too blurry and grainy.


Yeah! morpheus got them. thank you! i didn’t know that the thumbs would disappear, that’s my bad. and i haven’t check back in a little while.
so if that’s the PCB on a limited run stick it should be pretty hard to find. Would i be better off getting a Toodles Cthulhu and cannibalizing this stick?