Street Fighter IV tourney @ GameStop...crazy prizes

Ok, so I was down at the gamestop near where I live and apparently they are holding a Street Fighter IV tournament to celebrate the release of the game on the 18th.

Normally I wouldn’t care too much about a store tournament like this, but the prize for the overall grand prize is a Street Fighter IV Arcade Cabinet. Additionally, anyone that makes it into the final tier of competition (apparently its a 4-tier competition with tier 1 at the store I’m near) gets a free pass past the prelims at EVO World for SFIV. (lol?)

Just posting this up in case anyone wanted to check this out. I’m not sure what stores are holding this competition, but looks like a good number of them are across the states.

Oh, to all you stick players wanting to participate. I was told that the rules say you have to use the controllers provided meaning no arcade sticks or button mapping. :confused:

The sign up said the tournament is at the store on the 21st at 2pm. Looks like it’s an official gamestop ad so the time should be the same wherever you guys may be at.

search more please.

could you be any more late to this? i mean, it was on srk frontpage, the tourney is in collaboration with srk and evo, and its stickied everywhere…

closed, for super obvious reasons