Street Fighter IV UK tour dates

Edinburgh at the Gamestation on Princes Street from 29th January to 1st February.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre Gamestation in Sheffield from 5th to 8th February.

London’s HMV on Oxford Street comes next from 19th to 22nd February. whats the point of this games gonna be out by then :confused:

Birmingham’s Gamestation on New Street follows from 26th February to 1st March.

Hull’s Gamestation takes up the final leg from 5th to 8th March.

excellent, no where near me. Just like always.

So what is this? they taking the arcade cabs to these places? console version?

there probaly gonna be taking one cab around the whole country probaly cheap bassa

Ah yes, good to see Wales getting no love again.
I think Wales only had one event I can think of, which was the Tekken 5 UK Tournament which had a qualifier in Cardiff Virgin Megastore (which I attended and met some uber people)

Well, I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

The only location I looked at wanting to go to was the London one, but 19th - 22nd Feb but with a collegue on holiday that week and with the actual game being released that week too may get it a day or two early depending on play and the Royal Mail outlook not so good. Still it’s a good chance to anyone who hasn’t had a shot at it and hopefully people seeing the game in certain stores will help promote the game further within the UK to those who were unsure or knew little about it.

if youre going to london for this youd be better off just going to the ranking battles, they start on launch day lol.

they are going to be big :slight_smile:

Well, that was awesome. Everything that makes SF2 great seems to be present in SF4, the whole thing seems very, very familiar.

Great, will be there in London.

Decadence, was it a cab they had in Gamestation or consoles with TE sticks? Tempted to head through tomorrow for a look.

I’ll be at birmingham most days just for the comp.

It’s a pair of customised arcade style cabinets supplied by Capcom. It’s not arcade cabinets, and not consoles either. It’s running on PCs. There’s a little frame rate stutter here and there, but still pretty damn smooth.

The controls are very similar in looks to the arcade cabinets. Not sure if it’s the same quality, but it’s perfectly functional and it was very easy to perform everything. Not sure if that’s more to do with the engine or the controls. I’m normally a mediocre Gief at best, but I could standing 720 after a SA without jumping 100% of the time. Could even spam teleports with accuracy and timing with Bison and Akuma (didn’t play much with Dhalsim), which I’m normally pretty iffy on with a stick (better at doing it on a pad, dunno why).

Spent most of the time with Vega, and charges seem pretty flawless and smooth, even diagonal charge moves like flip and super.

The only thing that took me a little time was horizontal charge supers, which after a few matches of failed supers/ultras with Bison, I realised that in SF4, these moves are done at a slower speed than in ST. Trying to do them at ST speed resulted in random teleports coming, but doing it with a beat in between each direction it came out every time.

It wasn’t a particularly competitive event, so I spent most of the matches trying out some of the new mechanics and combos.

are console characters available?

No. Arcade cast (inc Akuma) only.

Then what exactly is it that makes you think it’s not the arcade version?

The staff told me when I asked about the frame rate stutters.

Oh, OK. Thanks.

That makes no fucking sense if it is not the console or the arcade version, what could it be then?

BTW: Arcade version is just a dedicated PC.

Oh Shi- it’s at Meadowhall?!

I’m there.

good good,

20 mins from the Birmingham Gamestation,