Street Fighter IV V.S. King Of Fighters XII

Which do you think will make it? I say King Of Fighters XII

kill yo’self.

Both will be good, and everybody will be happy.

Not that you’ll be able to tell, with all the bitching.

This won’t turn out well, lol.

Depends largely on where you live.

But I would imagine that, thanks to KOF’s much more wide-spread appeal, XII will probably be the game that stands to win the most hearts of gamers. On the other hand, SF4 will do well in the States, where it win the hearts of the LOUDEST gamers. :lol:

I knew it! Someone out there born out of shit and rice would actually be stupid enough to start some shit like this.

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KOFXII won’t be as easy to pirate though. . . I think.

They’ll find a way.

…they always do!

Super Street Fighter EX- er, I mean SF4 will have a lot of fans, even if it sucks…I mean, they’ve been hoping for it for a long time, whereas we all knew kof would just keep bringing the funk.

…it might go well. Just not for his user abilities.

Slasher Man, if the other late 07 - early 08 members see you moving the dumb threads out of the SFIV discussion, they’ll start to work their way into FGD and GD. SFIV discussion is a trap for the 07-08 members. Just think, every time you make a dumb post, a kitten dies.

Think of the Kittens.

So pirates or ninjas?

Why can’t we play both?

Holy shit thinking outside the box!!!

gamefaqs that way ------------->

Will make what?

Go die in a fire

Doesn’t matter. I’ll buy both.

try again when both games are actually out.